Imagine (John Lennon) [♬ ~ #26]

July 08, 2018

I found myself this weekend renewing my hunger to learn new pieces on the piano. I happened to encounter to awesome app called Musescore. Then I found the piece on the Discover section. I always wanted to learn playing this one. It is an easy piece, and an iconic and legendary song.

I used John Lennon's vocals on this. It feels like I was given the honor of playing for him. 😅 Hey I've also already played for another singer, John Legend, with the song All of Me. It was just kinda challenging for me to sync the tempo of the piano and the vocals (I followed the tempo on the internet, played it 72 bpm, but for some reason some parts are slower than the others), so bare with me, some parts are out of sync. 😆

I'm learning another piece as of the moment, I hope to finish it soon. I super love this song so I hope I could study it 'til the end. 

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