Karpos Live 3.1: A Night of Music with Urbandub & The Royal Concept

October 19, 2018

This is hands down one of those concerts that would stand out forever in my memory because of a lot of factors. This might also be the concert that will cap off my live concerts adventure (or will it?)

I know I have been to a lot of concerts already, but this is one of those concerts that I wished and prayed and hoped to happen. I am very well aware that The Royal Concept is not really that popular, but contradictory to that, this band is the closest one to my heart. This is the band that sang the songs that have become the anthems of life. Shut The World has become the song that gave me comfort during the darkest times of my life. Although I am now in a better mental state (compared to before heh), this song still has a very special place in my heart.

I think I first encountered them through Spotify (as always!). I noticed their music because they sounded remarkably similar with Phoenix. When I became obsessed with them, they were still not actively touring - they even had no new material released yet. So seeing them live any sooner was close to zero percent, but well I still included them to my concerts bucket list.

So for months I have been stalking the band's Facebook page, holding on to that possibility that they'd tour and stop by Manila again (they went here during Wanderland 2014). So just imagine the (mini) heart attack that I felt when I saw the announcement that The Royal Concept is finally coming to Manila! When the ticket selling began, it's already a given that I was first in line, even availing their early bird promo. Wohoo! πŸ˜„ I'm just glad that I'm already used to going to concerts on my own so I didn't need to think twice on buying the tickets or pause to worry about who I could come to the event with. This time, the band played for Karpos Live's concert series. Together with local band Urbandub, they played for a one-night show at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent in Quezon City.

I just proved to myself how much I liked this band, because I overcame these "walls" during the concert:

  • unfamiliar bands playing that same night (well now I know them!)
  • unfamiliar venue (first time to go to Vertis Tent, and hey it's located far north!)
  • unique event schedule (it's on a Sunday freaking night!!!)
On concert day, I arrived just on schedule to catch the start of the show (yup, lesson learned from the latest concert I went to πŸ˜…). I passed by Trinoma to get to the event venue. It's actually been a while since I've been to this mall. Good thing I was able to locate the Vertis Tent without much hassle (although I did make a few wrong turns along the way). When I got there, all the people were inside already, and Over October (the opening act) was already playing on stage.

This is, by far, the most chill concert I've been to.
 just the right crowd size + a cold beer on my hand + great acoustic music = MY HAPPY PLACE πŸ’—πŸ’—

I was mildly surprised by the complimentary beer, but well why not right? It's my first time to experience drinking while seeing a concert so it was really a unique experience. And now I love it. How come there weren't any booze in the other concerts I've been to? Apparently I've been doing it wrong all along!
Over October taking over the Karpos Live stage
I was not familiar to any Over October songs (which sucks, I know right 😞) but I failed to realize that I was already actually following their Facebook page! This is the reason I was already familiar with the members, but well not with their songs.

Aside from the very chill vibe of the place, I felt so giddy because it was such an intimate concert setting. I was near enough the stage to clearly see the facial expressions of the artists on stage. I also could easily walk through the crowd. For a moment I was tempted to do this (as per my learnings from my concert photography workshop) but immediately got hold of myself because I didn't want this special concert to feel like work.

When Urbandub came up, the crowd got super hyped. Who doesn't know them anyway? It was such an exhilarating experience to watch this band live. It actually brought me back some UP Fair memories. 😊

The Royal Concept finally went on stage, though I must say their timing was anticlimactic (for me at least). At that point that night the effect of alcohol has left my system. I knew in my heart I would've enjoyed the show more if I wasn't sober (yeah yeah judge me all you want πŸ˜… but if you read the lyrics of their songs you'll understand... hopefully). I'm surprised to learn that In The End is David Larson's (the band's vocalist) favorite song to perform live. Though I think this sentiment stems from being able to sing this song to a crowd of fellow breathing human souls.

My favorite live performance of that night was of On Our Way. I was one with the music especially along the lines 'hold me close, we're losing time... hold me close, we're falling to the ground.' 🎢🎡That song was already good enough for me to have it as their last song for the night. Just before they started their encore, I started walking towards the exit with such a beaming and bright heart. I had to leave early because 1) it's getting late, and I need to get up early the next day 2) I need to book a Grab before everyone else, or suffer the consequences and be stranded in the middle of the night.

What a night. This is definitely one for the books.

I even saw my concert photography mentor Kris Rocha among the crowd.
Heck, she's actually here in the picture. Find her. 😁

I've been telling my friends hereafter that this might be the last concert I will attend to as a fan, because I need to rearrange my priorities from now on. I have achieved most of my concert bucket list anyway. As of now, the only artist that I could think of that would make me go out of a concert again is The 1975. I saw them twice already but there's something about them that makes seeing them live a religious experience. But of course, I can't say these things with finality. I would always be open to attend an event for music photography, as I have been lucky to discover that this is something that brings me joy. So let's just wait and see what life has to offer.

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