Book Reads: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (by JK Rowling)

November 01, 2018

Here continues my adventures as I delve again into the enchanting world of Harry Potter. In this book, I read again on the festive Quidditch World Cup, on Harry's happiness now that he has Sirius Black in his life, and how Harry did everything he could to get through the Triwizard tasks.

For me, this book is the turning point of the series from being a children's book to being a young adult book. At the end of GoF, You-Know-Who is back, and I felt again that gloomy and depressing feeling during the end of Hogwarts term when everyone learned of Cedric's dying and all of Harry's sufferings witnessing the rise of You-Know-Who himself. From hereon, we know that Harry's world grew darker as the Wizarding World is in chaos (well some people, as the Ministry of Magic was still in denial that the Dark Lord is back).

It's fascinating to read the HP books at this day and age, because I have now the ability to google something if I stumble upon some easter eggs or passages that foreshadow something in the later books. This gives me the ability to really understand the story and the clues that JK Rowling has dropped in the early books that would affect Harry's destiny in the end.

Since rereading the series, I couldn't help but see Dumbledore in a whole new light. Now that I am aware of his plans for Harry, I feel like he really didn't have that level of sincerity compared to my initial impression of him, and I feel more sympathetic towards Harry.  As of this writing, I am now on the sixth book, and I just want to cherish the remaining chapters that I have left before I say goodbye to Harry's world again. 😭

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