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January 27, 2019

For years now, I have been self-studying the piano (I admit the progress has been very slow 😐) and I would occasionally publish some of my "works" online (just go to my SoundCloud account). Recently I was able to uncover some of my unfinished works from my old iPhone, most of them I already forgotten that I recorded.  Since I've ran out of song minutes to upload in SoundCloud, I'm just embedding them here from Google Drive.

Caution: If you would want to listen to them, better have your volume down, as most of them are not of the greatest recording qualityπŸ˜…. Plus I don't know how to use that damn pedal. Protect your ears. 

Unfinished Covers

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Coldplay)
I have already forgotten I studied playing this. I love this song, and it's a bit easy to play on the piano (but uh the version below is far from perfect).

The Scientist (Coldplay)
This is one of the earliest songs I have learned to play on the piano (there are clock-ticking noises in the background of this recording πŸ˜…).

Forever and Always (Taylor Swift)
It was my friend who requested if I could play this, of which I happily obliged. However because life happened, I wasn't able to finish studying the music sheet, and I was only able to play the intro up to half of the first chorus. 😧

I Only Wanna Talk To You (The Maine)
I fell in love with this band after seeing them live in 2017. I love almost all of their songs in their Lovely Little Lonely album. I have already covered one of their songs here. Apparently I also recorded another one (the wonders of being familiar with chords)!

New Year's Day (Taylor Swift)
I got really obsessed with the reputation album when it came out, and this is one of the tracks that I really liked.

The Story Never Ends (Lauv)
At first listen I thought the song has a romantic message (the piano sounds lovely!). However, reading the lyrics, it actually conveys a feeling of conflict within a relationship. Meh, I said this is not the kind of song I want to play/sing about, so I just stopped practicing (excuses πŸ˜…).

Vocal Practice (?)
Sometimes I watch vocal warm-up exercises on Youtube and record myself singing. Listening to some of them, I could actually notice the difference with the quality of my voice. I'm putting them up here too so I could motivate myself moving forward to practice, practice, and practice!

Come On Get Higher (Matt Nathanson)

The Scientist (Coldplay)

It's been a while since I did some recording. Things are quite busier now, but hopefully I could squeeze some time for this. I'm currently studying two songs, and I haven't passed the first 12 bars. πŸ˜… Once I finish learning them and polishing my playing, for sure it will get published here on the blog. So I guess, stay tuned for that. 😊

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