Jesse McCartney: Live in Manila

July 23, 2019

Jesse McCartney. No, he's not related to the Beatles. If you don't know who is but you know who Justin Bieber is, get out. I don't want to talk to you. 😜

Well seriously, if you don't know who he is, then I'll say you're young. We'll he's just one of the boy-next-door crush of the town in my elementary days. And I crushed hard on him. 😍 I super loved his songs, especially Beautiful Soul and Just So You Know. Those were my theme songs for my real-life crushes (which was a good and a bad thing actually). Well you can imagine the teenage gal inside me (yes she's still there buried deeeep inside) when I learned he'll be coming here for a concert. It's a no-brainer. I'll go and see him anytime!

He held a one-night concert on July 13, 2019 at the New Frontier Theatre (formerly Kia Theatre).

As far as I know, he was inactive in the music scene for some time. Well, I just learned (while reviewing his discography for the concert) that he actually released some material last year. One of the tracks is Better With You, which is such a great listen, just 'ol good vibes (and the music video is just awwww ❤️).

Prior to the concert, I didn't watch any of Jesse's live performances online. I didn't want to spoil myself. I want to hear him sing live for the very first time in the concert. You know what, it was the greatest decision I could make to appreciate him fully as an artist. His appearance changed a lot (I might not actually recognize him if you show me his recent photos) but OMG his vocals are still so on point! The guitarist was also so good! Their music is a match made in heaven. 😍🎶

He sang a lot of his older songs. I saw his face glow up when the audience sang along even to his songs released several years ago. I really think he missed performing. He said during the concert that the amount of warm feedback his songs (which includes Better With You) got last year motivated him to get back to the studio to write songs again. He's currently working on a new album and will be releasing it soon. I'm so happy he's back to creating music! I didn't realize I needed some JMAC material right now. 💕

He sang "Bleeding Love" (popularized by Leona Lewis) while playing the keyboard. I didn't know he wrote it. It's a whole new experience hearing his version of this song.

Listening to his songs now, I must say most of his songs are too sexy for teenage girls. Haha maybe I didn't realize the "dirty" meaning of some of his songs when I was younger. I just enjoyed singing along to them.

Also, Jesse is so good at doing fan service. He brought a fan on stage, held hands with her, sang for her, and even hugged her! Such a lucky lucky fan!

Well I guess his popularity didn't really falter throughout the years. The venue was fully packed! And to my suprise, the crowd that night is young. I guess the accessible collection of music content online allowed the younger generation to discover even his older songs. So proud!

This is the first time I got captured in the audience in a concert. AHAHAHA. (📷: Random Minds @randommindsph)

It was a pretty quick concert - just an hour long, given that there's no front act. Aaah, I need more Jesse McCartney content! Well he said he'll come back soon though. I'll take his word for it. For now, I'll have to thank you Jesse for finally coming to Manila. He told it himself that he's sorry it took a while for him to actually drop by, but I'm so glad he finally did.

See you around on your next concert here! 😘

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