Shawarm Buddies: Shawarma & Kebab (Best-tasting in Town!)

July 05, 2019

I just want to rave about this restaurant all because the food is just so good. I love shawarma, and theirs is the best one I've tasted so far. 😋

Last month, I finally had a chance to visit my colleague's restaurant which she and her husband kickstarted from scratch -- all from the menu recipes down to the design of the resto's logo. Her restaurant is named Shawarm Buddies (yes, a wordplay from that zombie movie), which specializes in shawarma and kebab.

📷 All photo credits go to my friend Jean!

Some bit of history here --

My friend Anne and her husband built upon this idea for almost two years. Currently, they only have their home branch open, though she mentioned they have plans to spread out. I have witnessed her work on all the ideas for this restaurant. When they finally perfected the recipe of their shawarma, we were able to get some free taste during one gathering in a colleague's house. I fell in love with their shawarma with just one bite.

I am not saying this all because she's a friend (my heart and my tummy have different masters lol). I'm just raving about it because truly, I have never tasted a shawarma like theirs. I've tasted Turks and those other generic shawarma stalls at the mall, and I actually enjoy them. But after tasting the shawarma of Shawarm Buddies, my standards just got higher. It's obvious that they put a lot of spices on their shawarma. Good thing Anne is able to bring some at the office when we order in advance. Even if they were just reheated in the microwave, it still tasted so good. 🤤

Then, their chicken wings were born to their restaurant's menu. Of course foodies that we were, we ordered some from Anne again. And yet again, they've set my standards on chicken wings several notches up. They've perfected that buttermilk flavor 🍗 (okay I am writing this post late night and now I am salivating). Anne was even being modest about the taste and told us it would taste way better if freshly cooked in the restaurant (we were only heating them up in the microwave). And so this is where the idea to visit their restaurant came up. Together with my other colleagues, we traveled to Tondo to visit Shawarm Buddies in person!

We were already so familiar with the restaurant that visiting the actual place felt like reconnecting with an old friend. It was so amusing for me to see all the logo and menu all actually laid out, all of which I've seen in their draft stages.

From the shawarma, kebab, and the chicken wings, their menu has extended to pizzas and nachos!
Since we all knew that it will only be once in a blue moon that we would be able to dine in, we lavishly ordered from the menu!

I ordered their Kebab rice because Anne told me the meat is way way better when freshly cooked off the grill. Well yes she was right -- it was juicer. I just scooped some shawarma from the other plates of my friends. My tummy was so happy!
Of course we won't pass the chance to order their chicken wings! Compared to the microwave-reheated bunch that we got to taste before, the skin of these were crispier! The dish comes with yoghurt and cheese dips. The wings doesn't need any sauce actually, but the dips just even made it even tastier (yoghurt is my favorite).

It was all our first time to try their yogurt drinks. Anne told us their bestseller is their strawberry yogurt shake, a sweet drink to contrast the palate from the spices of all the meat.

Obviously, we finished with full and happy tummies! It was worth traveling to their place to dine in! If you love shawarma and chicken wings, or even just the general foodie, their restaurant is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered! It's a must-try!

Shawarm Buddies: Shawarma & Kebab
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630, unit B, Del Fierro, Gagalangin, Tondo, Maynila, Kalakhang Maynila (grabbed from their Facebook Page)

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