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October 06, 2021

As we continue to stay at home because of the still ongoing pandemic, we really need to have creative ways to entertain ourselves. For me, this is a form of self-care

There are lots of ways to destress, and for me one of the easiest ones is playing games. There's a sense of fulfillment when I get to complete a level or finish the game altogether. One of the recent discoveries I made is this one website named I mean, who doesn't know Solitaire? This is the staple Windows PC game in the 2000s (you now have an idea how old I am 😆). I like playing Solitaire even on physical playing cards. Because it's a one-player game, this was my go-to game during the slow afternoons of my summer vacation.

Rediscovering Solitaire
When I visited the site, I was welcomed with this very aesthetic UI of the game that I am very familiar with. Because it has been a while since I last played Solitaire, I had to work out the rules for a bit. But 'lo and behold, after a few minutes, my core memory of the game reemerged and I started playing the game with ease. One discovery I had was that Solitaire had rules for points! If you notice at the upper right side of the screen, points earned through playing the game are displayed. I didn't want to fret much with the scoring system though (😅) so I just focused with playing the game. 

Another revelation that came upon me is the realization that there are so many variations of Solitaire, and they are all here on this website! 🤯 Some of these that I got to explore through are:

Klondike - version of Solitaire that is popular in US and Canada

Spider Solitaire - this is a bit different because it uses 2 decks of cards

Lots and Lots of Card Games also has a vast number of collections of card games, some of which I have never encountered before (maybe because I have always been loyal with my Solitaire? 😅) and I had the pleasure of trying them all out.

Pyramid - This is one of the memorable ones I got to play, because it involves Math! The basic rule is select a card that when added to either one of the two cards at the bottom, the resulting value is 13.

If you don't know how to play any of these games, you don't need to worry. has the instructions also for each of them. 😉

Beyond Card Games
But wait, there's more! To my delight, the site doesn't only showcase games based on cards. There are more of them available to be played for free! Here are some of my favorites:

Mahjong - I used to play this on my Gameboy Light (kids do you know what that is? 🤣) not knowing that it was actually mahjong. The text was in Chinese, but through trial and error, I figured out how the game actually worked (but not after several rounds of me being  confused wondering why it was game over already). So it was really a joy to find this game here on the site. It was like reconnecting with a childhood friend again. 🥰

Pacman (but make it Cookie Monster 🍪) - Of course, Pacman will always be a classic arcade game. But gave it an interesting twist! In lieu of our yellow pacman is this blue blob with googly eyes that is our beloved Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! What entertained me the most is the ghosts turn into cookies when Cookie Monster gets to eat a power pellet. 😂
Here's Cookie Monster running after a ghost
that has turned into a cookie. 🍪
(shown in one of the stage transitions, just like in the original game)

Word Search - This is another blast from the past! One of my core memories as a child was solving these word searches! I have several workbooks of this, each page with different themes on the words to look out for. I missed doing this on pen and paper, with me proudly encircling the word that I have found. For now, dragging the mouse pointer across the letters would still work. 😜

Proud finisher of the 16x16 grid!
The set of words differ each day (just like on the newspaper 📰)  which is great because it means I can go back to the site everyday with fresh words to encounter each time! By the way, there's still the option to navigate to the puzzles on specific dates, so really, there's a wide array of puzzles that are available.

Tennis - Again, this is another walk down memory lane. I also have this Tennis game on my Gameboy, which I really enjoyed. I love how this game really tests my hand-eye coordination. This game would really come in handy when I want to wake myself up during after-lunch hours of my work-from-home week days. 😴

These are my top favorite games from But aside from these, there are still a lot of games in there, like hidden object games and connect 3 games (think zuma and candy crush).

Since most of the games here reminded me of my childhood days, one of the games I miss playing is Minesweeper. I hope they make it available on their site too. Another kind of game that I can use to wake me up is any car racing game. That would definitely shoot up my adrenaline, making me alert and energetic for the rest of the day. is such a nice discovery. I have already added it in my bookmarks so that I can quickly access the games that I love, as my pick-me-up method for those low-energy days. This sure sparks me joy! ✨

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