Q3 2021 Goals Evaluation

October 16, 2021

I barely remember the things that happened during this quarter. Everything seems like a blur now. Honestly, I wasn't able to focus much on my goals this year because I was preoccupied with other things. But still, I had the chance to accomplish some of them, while most others are still works in progress.

🏃‍♀️ Career - research, plan, execute - reviving this plan!
I'm proud of myself for continuing this one, because I was able to prove to myself by now that this is really something that I wanted to do. Special thanks to my friends who always cheered me up whenever I felt suffocated with my own insecurities. 

This time around, I was able to make huge steps towards my dream (that is slowly transforming into a realistic goal). It placed me into several stressful and intimidating situations, but I knew I needed that to grow. With every new experience, I was learning more about myself. 

I will continue with this goal. I am setting timelines again so that I can have a bigger picture of how my goal would look in the next five years.
🏃‍♀️ Financial - cryptocurrency
I was able to learn more about this new monetary medium through books that I got to explore on this app called Blinkist. Through the information that I learned from various books, I have a better understanding now of the foundations of blockchain, and how its application relates beyond cryptocurrencies. I admit that I still need to do some research to confidently launch into investing to cryptocurrency, so I guess that will be my next step for this goal.
🛑 Personal Development - figure drawing, vocal lessons
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to continue with these lessons. These goals are in the low-priority category right now so I think I won't be able to come back to these in the next quarter.
🏆 Spiritual - volunteer work
I wanted to do something similar with what I did last time but there weren't really any opportunities this quarter. But this didn't stop me from doing volunteer work! I was able to participate in extra activities in my Toastmasters club, so I guess that can count! Besides, the spirit of volunteer work is helping each other out. 💪

🏃‍♀️ Educational - git and python
Aww I wasn't able to pick this up either. I think either I was too preoccupied with Toastmasters during my weekends or I was watching a Korean drama on Netflix. 😓 But I know that I need to learn this (para sa ekonomiya!) so again, this will be rolled over to next quarter. 😊
🏆 Relationship - non-work calls, connecting beyond likes and reactions
Just like what I have learned from Ali Abdaal's blog, if you can be that friend who initiates and organizes get-togethers, then let yourself be that. Every group of friends needs that one person. And so I took that role, even though I felt uncomfortable doing it. I scheduled non-work Zoom calls. I see to it that I comment on posts, more than the emoji reactions. And wonderful things unfolded before me. I was able to connect more with my friends, and the casual comments on posts turned to lengthy exchanges of catch-up stories. I'm happy I made the first move. 😎
🏆 Physical and Health - morning and evening rituals
I have been staying at home and working remotely for more than a year now, but I am still continuing to discover ways to cope to maintain a healthy mental state. I've devised routines every morning, which involves exercising, meditating, and journaling. While at night, it's more journaling again, lighting a scented candle, and reading a book. I'm totally loving it! 📚✍

I'm feeling anxious more frequently these days because of some life events, but I hope I will still feel grounded and be able to focus more on how I can help myself to live a more fruitful life today and tomorrow. I wanna thrive, not just survive. 🙏


🏆 Finished
🏃‍♀️ Still in Progress
🛑 Aborted

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