TwoSet Violin: 2021 Virtual World Tour

December 30, 2021

TwoSet Violin is one of my online discoveries during the pandemic. From watching my first ever video of them on YouTube, I have come a long way as a fan. I have already immersed myself enough to the Ling Ling culture that I will now understand the inside jokes that they will tell on their videos.

The pandemic placed a halt on their world tour activities last year, but these two are born innovators. This year, they held their virtual world tour via live streaming over at Moment House. It was a full-production show from a concert hall (hmm I'm just not sure which specific one) with superb cameras and sound acoustics that perfectly captured Brett's and Eddy's musicality.

I attended their first show. I logged into the website a few minutes before showtime. There's a chat feature beside the livestream video window, and the excitement for the show was just so contagious! People were saying hi and just expressing how they're very hyped up for the concert.

Here's a rundown of the things that I really loved about their virtual concert:

Full-Production Show
They were not kidding when they told us it's going to be a very special concert. With just the first few minutes of the show, I was already at awe at how good the camera angles and how great the audio was. They really leveled-up with their production setup. Brett and Eddy really sounded so good! 😍🎵 Also, Wei-Ting was such a bad-ass on the piano. These people are really world-class musicians. 🥲

Composers Trivia
As a person with little knowledge of the classical music world, I appreciated all the trivia that they shared about each of the prominent composers that were featured in the show. I think I heard about most of it just the first time through the show. It's sad how most of them had to endure pain and suffering because of internal and external factors during their lifetime. It just made me look at their compositions in a different light (especially Tchaikovsky's 😢). It felt like those beautiful compositions that they created were their outlet and coping mechanism for all the struggles that they went through.

Costumes and Acting
Their costumes were so spot on, and they delivered their lines well! I really feel they have potential to be theater actors, with the way they improv their lines and just with the overall delivery of the emotion of their characters. They're so amazing.👏

I watched the replay, and here are my favorite moments/lines from the show (which I also posted on their subreddit):

"Hilary needs some light." -Eddy
"This, or two chords for the rest of your life?" -Brett
"There are two Baroques, I'll take the Classical." -Eddy
Eddy's glasses sticking out of his knight costume
"I guess I won't be Bach." -Brett
"Activate!" -Brett (while holding up the first stone)
"Wig please!" - Brett
"You forgot to write the cadenza" -Eddy
"Just improvise!" -Brett
While Eddy was playing the violin, the lamp prop was still on the floor. 😂
"I think I'm in love." -Eddy
During the Tchaikovsky piece (which they played "together"):
Eddy's face: focused and serious
Brett's face: his eyebrows were dancing all around 😁
"I almost forgot about this stone." -Brett
"It has a long cadenza. I think I need some time to memorize it." -Eddy (rubs music sheet on his head multiple times)
RIP bow hair
"I didn't know my cadenza can break hairs." -Brett
"What's the point of being famous if you are betraying your values?" -Brett
Brett exchanges the music book between the two stands
Even Wei-Ting turning the music sheet is so bad-ass. 🔥
Brett and Eddy smiling at each other while performing
"You know you want me." -Eddy
"I'm the director of Univer..gggrggh" (hits himself with the rolled-up paper he's holding before restarting his line again 😂) -Brett
Brett's running sequence to meet Paganini
Butt shaking
2022 cliffhanger 


My goal now is to see them in their tour in-person next year, if possible. I want to see them perform! 🤞I really enjoyed the show. Congrats Eddy and Brett! 👏🎉

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