KDrama Review: Forecasting Love & Weather (Episodes 3-4)

February 27, 2022

We continue following this (becoming complicated) office love story between Ha Kyung and Si Woo after that surprising turn of events from the second episode. 😚

Indeed, this drama is different from the normal Kdrama formula. I thought things would get very awkward between the two leads after what happened, but I guess it shows that they are mature adults already. These two episodes showed us that they are ready to be vulnerable to show what they really feel towards each other.

I'm now seeing a pattern on Ha Kyung's style: formal top, oversized blazer, slacks + heeled pumps, with earrings, minimalist necklace and a watch for accessories. 

I was mildly surprised to see her wearing sneakers. Maybe it's their dress-down Friday.

It's cute that we see Ha Kyung in casual clothes. I want those pajamas too!

Aww it's nice to hear ONEW's voice again. 💖

I love those twists that were shown in the end. What we thought was a cold atmosphere turns out to have secret winks and smiles in between them. I'm now curious what challenges they will face in the next episodes!

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