Iloilo Trip 2020: Day 4 ~ Dinner at MAMUSA Art Bistro

July 17, 2022

Krishan wanted to celebrate Steve's birthday in the most special way possible (🥰) that night, so he especially chose a restaurant that was just walking distance from our hotel. After walking for several minutes following the directions that Google Maps gave to us, we arrived to our destination that night --  MAMUSA Art Bistro.

 We were the only customers when we arrived at the bistro. We decided to checkout the artworks that were available to view at the second floor. After several minutes of looking around (this was when Krishan texted me my task for that night 😁), we decided to settle down and make our orders.

I really liked the vibe of the place. It was so artsy and chill. I was also so into the music they were playing, but I was not actually familiar with the songs. I asked their staff and said they were not familiar so I just looked at the audio setup (I saw an iPad was by the speakers) and learned that they were playing a playlist from alexrainbirdMusic on YouTube. 💖🎶

My special task that night was to order a cake and ask the waiter to serve it with a lit candle as a birthday surprise for Steve. After we completed our orders, I pretended to go the restroom, but actually I talked to one of the waiters for this special arrangement.

I can't remember anymore remember how the food was (ugh again the disadvantages of late blogging 😅). However, one thing that stood out in my memory was their cocktails! 🍸

Their cocktails were the best, I think I did a second round that night. 😁 If they had a branch in Manila, I think I would be a regular customer! 😜

The birthday surprise was also a success! Thank you to the waiter for coordinating with us! Happy birthday Steve! 😁

the birthday cake😊

We really enjoyed our visit at that bistro. To top off our great meal and cocktail experience, the waiters even gave us a "special guest" discount. Aww, they're the best! No wonder they have high reviews on Google. Woah!

It was a great first night in the city! Next post: we explore more of Ilo-ilo. 💖

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