Life Logs: July 2022

December 31, 2022

 πŸ’ƒ Experiences

  • Participating in my sister's house blessing. I have never felt so at ease with a house before. It's radiant with positive energy. I'm so proud. Thank you Universe for giving me a role model, showing me that great things are possible for everyone. ✨
  • Saying goodbye to the puppies and the kitten. It's a bittersweet farewell, especially for the kitten that I have learned to love. However, I very well know that they would be in the perfect home for them, and that they would be well taken-cared of.
  • Going back home and absorbing the officiality of it all. I felt the dreaded sinking feeling. Changes are happening and I need to learn how to cope. I was realizing that there were infinite possibilities on how my life could go on, and I didn't need to fixate myself towards one specific path. I will trust the process. Things will fall onto its rightful places.
  • Cleaning my sister's room. It was kind of therapeutic really. It was also symbolic. I took some of the belongings she left and placed them in boxes. I proceeded with cleaning the room and vacuuming years worth of dust. πŸ˜… Then I rearranged my things and moved some of them to the room also. I unofficially made the room my second space. I felt a sense of calmness from this activity, and also some level of acceptance from all the events that have happened. Moving into my sister's room (partially) made me realize how lacking sunlight my room was. And her room had a window facing the sunrise. It was a game changer sleeping in her room for the first time, because I was awakened by the chirping of birds and the warm sunlight. I realized that I wanted more of this. This feels like a metaphor of what I wanted to happen in my life.
  • Attending Tuesday Downloads with Maisha. This was a weekly meditation session being done by Third Eye Wellness over at Instagram. I got teary-eyed with the downloads for romantic love, which meant that that area really has a trigger to me. I'm carefully navigating that part of my humanity. You know what, que serΓ‘, serΓ‘. What will be, will be.
  • Feeling left out at Toastmasters Awards. I just felt a bit envious of the people that I saw on that stage, because the Universe knows how much emotional, mental, and physical energy I invested in this organization (btw I'm still waiting for my πŸ†). Oh well, but I guess that's really what my role was, and I'm proud to say that I was able to do my part (and more).

⛰️ Accomplishments / Milestones

  • I received my second COVID booster. πŸ’‰
  • I got one of my wisdom teeth extracted. One of two down! 🦷
  • I threw away my last bottle of soju. I decided that drinking alone was really not good for my mental health. 
  • Someone complimented my blog. It always catches me off guard when someone mentions this website because I don't really promote it in my other socials (unless needed because of a sponsored post) so I was so happy and I felt all warm inside when someone told me that they read and liked my blog.

🧠Game Changers

  • Exercise first thing in the morning. I was able to do this for several days during this month and I felt that it was a great boost of energy and sense of accomplishment when I got to do this in the morning. However, it was a bit challenging to sustain this routine, so yeah I had to let it go after some weeks.
  • AlexRainbirdMusic. I love indie music and I rediscovered this channel when I wrote this post in our Ilo-ilo trip. It served as my background music during my working hours, and it was a very relaxing experience. πŸ’»πŸŽΆ

πŸ’‘ Takeaways

  • A group of small delayed tasks can become a large monster task after some time.
  • Learn to let go of things, especially those that are out of your control.
  • Sunlight can lift up our mood. 🌞
  • Music makes me feel less lonely. 🎢
  • Breathe in, breathe out.

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