Book Reads: The Night Circus (by Erin Morgenstern) [☝]

June 18, 2012

"Opens at nightfall, closes at dawn."

It takes no more than this phrase to make me curious about the book.

It tells a story of  Le Cirque des Rêves (The Circus of Dreams),  a magical circus that travels across countries performing impressive feates of acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, fortune-tellers, and illusionists among a few. Each of the black and white drapes of the circus' tents hold a unique secret, a magic that everyone that visits will never forget. Everyone thinks it's just illusions or tricks. No one notices that all of it are actually real magic.

But within the walls of this magical circus, a secret game is in progress between Marco and Celia, two magicians, in a clandestine competition, even to their own knowledge. Eventually they fall in love. But the competition must continue, and a victor must emerge.

Morgenstern has craftily created a world that is as intricately woven as that of Harry Potter. Reading the book, I badly wanted to visit the circus myself and meet all of its wonderful characters. In novels, we've seen magic before but here we see a new kind of magic that is different from the others. Actually I am having a difficult time translating into words what would best describe it. 'Magic' even seems like the wrong term. I am just simply enchanted with the book. I love it so much. I just finished it last night and I want to reread it at once. I want to visit the circus again and again.

I've heard news that 'The Night Circus' will be made into a movie on 2013. Summit Entertainment have already bought the rights. Wow. I just do hope they give justice to the wonder of the book.

Closing the book is like leaving the circus. One thing's for sure. I have become a Reveur*. I would follow wherever the circus would reappear again, wearing black robes and my red scarf, waiting for the front gates to open as twilight fades on the horizon.


* term used in the book to refer to loyal patrons of Le Cirque des Reves


I followed the author on twitter. I'm so happy that she actually replied. ^__^ I was also able to chat with her through the 'Richard and Judy Book Club' facebook fan page. She actually knows how to read tarot cards. No wonder the book explained a lot about it. She really knows this stuff.

Also, I bought a copy of the book! Actually, I only just read it on ebook. I so loved the story that I wanted to reread it. Some of the story details become clearer the second time around.

In time, this book will be famous, especially after the release of the movie in 2013. I can't wait. :D

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