Rediscovering the Joy of Reading: Kindle and Kindle Unlimited Lead the Way

March 29, 2024

Since being introduced to the magical world of Kindle reading, I just could not get enough of it. As a bookworm (I've been doing Goodreads book challenges since 2013), I just love the adventure of being lost inside a book, and it just became more convenient, now that I have a Kindle.

I have mentioned on the blog before how I was so enthralled by this reading device. There were lots of choices of titles and materials on the Kindle online library. I can browse for titles of my next read on the Kindle itself or search via an online browser. It’s so convenient — with just a few clicks, I easily download the titles that I want to read. Although it’s not so good for my wallet (LOL), I reason out and tell myself that hey, Kindle versions are cheaper than the physical ones, so I actually save when I buy and read on the Kindle (not to mention saving on storage space also for the physical books!) 😜

Well recently, I got into another thing in the Kindle world -- the Kindle Unlimited. KU is a subscription wherein you get to “borrow” titles from their vast online library, and it costs a fixed monthly fee. I utilized their 30-day trial period first. Well, they got me hooked now. I have already read two titles in just a month, and with just that alone, I already got back my money’s worth. I also have Archie comics and some manga that I’m reading in progress on the side. So, I really have a lot going on. 🤓

This is currently what my Kindle library looks like. I have borrowed 7 titles in total from Kindle Unlimited. 😁

It was already known to me that the Kindle app is available both in Google Play store and Apple App store, but I only got to appreciate that fact recently. Aside from reading on my Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Scribe, I also now read on my Pixel phone whenever there’s downtime, like when in line at the grocery store or when pooping LOL. My favorite part though, will always be reading at bedtime. Reading has become more appealing than doom scrolling for me (I’m so proud of myself for this transition!), which has made the quality of my sleep way better.

My now favorite part of the day: winding down to do some bedtime reading, thanks to my Kindle Paperwhite (and that Dekala Sunrise Alarm Clock, which I will blog soon, too 🌞).

I was also delightfully surprised to discover that I can still use the Kindle app on my 10-year-old iPad (yes, that same one I won during a blog event). It just made reading so accessible. And because of the progress tracking and syncing feature of the Kindle app, I seamlessly transition between devices when I am reading. My devices already have locations assigned to align with my reading habits -- my iPad in the CR, the Paperwhite on my bedside table, the Scribe on my study/work table, and my Pixel phone for whenever I'm on the go. 👍

I love revisiting this childhood favorite. 🥰

As a cherry on top, purchasing from the Kindle library is a legit way to support writers and artists in their craft. I know there are ways to get book titles without paying (been there, done that), but I realized that it’s theft from the creators, and it’s not the right way to go.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post (how I wish haha hi Amazon!). I’m just so delighted with my Kindle and Kindle Unlimited experience so far. I just want to share this joy with others. 😀 I have rekindled (pun unintended!) my love for reading, and it’s nice to know that I have found a way to buy books that won’t hurt my wallet, and at the same time, support the writers of the stories and novels that I get to love.

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