Tarot Card Reading: Self-Compassion Reminder

April 21, 2024

I've been wanting to do another tarot session using the Phantom Wise Tarot deck (of which I recently purchased online). This deck consists of 78 cards based from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, each adorned with paintings crafted by Erin herself. It's been some time since I last delved into a tarot spread. However, perhaps sparked by the recent total solar eclipse, I felt the pull to consult the cards again. Or maybe I just found myself at a juncture wherein I'm craving for deeper connection with my inner voice, because it has been chaotic inside my mind. πŸ˜…

My usual tarot ritual involves laying out the cards to uncover any hidden problems I may not consciously recognize, exploring their underlying causes, and brainstorming (with myself πŸ˜†) potential solutions and outcomes. This process of doing a monologue helps me gain insight into my current circumstances and uncover a course to move forward.

The card spread that I followed for this is the one I usually do using my Clow Cards. As I did my usual card shuffling, one card unexpectedly flipped face up. This one is called a "jumper" card, which holds an urgent message from the Universe.

Jumper Card: Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles depicts a figure perched high in the branches, patiently awaiting the fruition of their efforts. It symbolizes a time for evaluating progress, planning for the future, and trusting in the rewards that lie ahead.

This interpretation somehow resonates deeply with my current mindset, particularly as I recently completed an evaluation of my past quarter's goals and drafted new ones. I'm in a phase of planning and refocusing, striving to align my attention and resources with my future aspirations. Perhaps this card serves as a reminder from the Universe to trust in the unfolding process and believe in the rewards awaiting my diligent efforts. While trusting in the future's bounty is essential, it's equally vital to remain proactive and committed to the work required to manifest the desired outcomes. Again, law of attraction. And this is what I love about Tarot reading. Sometimes, we all need some reminding of things we already know but just forgetting due to the distractions of life. I'm grateful to receive this reminder. πŸ™

Problem: The Sun

When I saw this card,  it immediately reminded me of the recent solar eclipse. Also, I had to think around for the card's meaning since for me, the Sun symbolizes positivity, something that embodies joy, brightness, and self-confidence. However, for this spread, it is presented as the problem. So I went around the interpretation of having the lack of the Sun's energy. Suddenly, the thoughts of self-criticism flowed into me. Recent events have actually intensified these negative self-perceptions. I had to intentionally delve into journaling to process those emotions. ☹️

The Cause: Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles depicts a figure at ease amidst a celestial backdrop, accompanied by a trained falcon—a symbol of accomplishment and self-reliance. While this card exudes positivity and abundance, it's intertwined with our problem statement regarding self-confidence.

Upon closer examination, I recognize that my struggles with self-esteem stem from a fixation on my physical fitness. Full disclosure: I'm currently on my heaviest figure ever. πŸ˜“. This card is a reminder of my physical fitness goals. I want to lose weight not just for aesthetics, but also for health reasons. 

Past Problem(s): The Fool

Surrounding Circumstances: Three of Cups

These two cards are related, since they give wider context on how the root cause became to be.

The Fool portrays a child in a white dress chasing a rabbit into a whimsical daydream, symbolizing innocence, bravery, and the pursuit of new experiences. Meanwhile, the Three of Cups depicts three figures raising glasses in celebration, symbolizing camaraderie and joyous connections. Reflecting on these imageries and meanings, it became clearer what these cards are trying to say to me. A recent event triggered my insecurities. I have been feeling too comfortable being in isolation. However, my recent immersion into a social setting prompted me to have these feelings of inadequacy, which awakened some of my inner demons, of which I thought were already gone, but they were just deep in slumber.

Solution: The Four of Cups

Solution's Keyword: The World

The Four of Cups depicts a figure under a tree disenchanted with their current circumstances. The card prompts me to acknowledge the feelings of discontent that I am having. Through self-reflection, I have to sift through these emotions and identify factors that are within and beyond my control. I have to focus my attention to things that are within my control. I will never have control how I am being perceived externally. But I sure can give myself some pep talk to boost my self-confidence (and also to motivate me to hop onto my indoor bike to exercise🚴‍♀️). The card is encouraging me to embrace both my strengths and weaknesses, and also to be kinder to myself (noted on this πŸ₯²). The key is to cultivate a nurturing relationship with myself, fostering a mindset of self-acceptance and resilience. πŸ₯°

Meanwhile, The World card serves as a reminder to me to remain open to opportunities and connections, recognizing that genuine connections and meaningful experiences await those who are receptive. Yes, I am trusting the process. ✨

Obstacle: The Moon

It's fascinating that this card appeared on this spread also, because it's the solar eclipse that prompted me to do a tarot session again. 😊 It's like I got a wink-wink from the Universe. πŸ˜‰ For this one, my interpretation is my tendency towards isolation and withdrawal, reverting to old patterns of self-imposed solitude and disconnection from social interactions. For sure, this behavioral pattern will hinder me if I wanted to become more open to others and to welcome opportunities. I will have to work on this one.

Also, being mindful of who I trust is important also during this time. As the moon reflects the sun's light, people's warmth might just be an illusion. So I have to be wary of that.

Future: Eight of Pentacles

The card suggests a journey of honing one's talents and committing to the diligent pursuit of excellence. With a focus on developing proficiency and attention to detail, the Eight of Pentacles foretells of productive endeavors and the creation of meaningful and beautiful work. This is timely because I'm refocusing on my "creative outlets" like being active again on the blog, doing regular piano and singing practice, and recording podcasts. I was reminded recently again of the importance of having hobbies outside of work (πŸ™ƒ), and so I'm doing these intentionally now. 

Outcome: The Hierophant

The Hierophant signifies a role as a storyteller and teacher, sharing the insights and experiences gained from your journey of self-discovery. It suggests a calling to impart wisdom, inspire others, and foster growth and learning in those around you. Through your willingness to share your journey and offer guidance to others, you become a beacon of wisdom and inspiration, nurturing a community of seekers and learners.

Overall, the outcome depicted by the Eight of Pentacles and the Hierophant is one of creative fulfillment, personal growth, and the meaningful exchange of knowledge and wisdom. It speaks to my ability to channel my talents and experiences into positive contributions to both myself and others, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose in my journey.

How Others See the Problem: Six of Swords

The final card symbolizes a transition and journey towards new horizons. It represents the process of moving on from past traumas and preparing for what lies ahead. It signifies a time of letting go, traveling from troubled waters to open seas filled with possibilities.

For others observing my situation, the Six of Swords suggests that they see this phase in my life as a transformative journey. They perceive me as someone who is spreading their wings, breaking free from uncomfortable situations, and emerging stronger than before. They view me as adventurous and open to new experiences, setting off on a path of growth and exploration. It reflects their belief in my ability to navigate challenges and embrace change with resilience and courage.

This was a nice read! Overall, the tarot spread portrays a message of positivity, resilience, and self-improvement. It encourages me to face my challenges head-on, embrace opportunities for growth, and trust in my ability to overcome obstacles. The patterns and messages conveyed by the cards form a beautiful narrative, offering guidance and inspiration on my journey of self-discovery and personal development. 

I feel grateful to have these reminders to myself, especially during this phase of my life. Thank you! ✨

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