Around the Wheel of MOA Eye [★]

January 18, 2012

Mall of Asia, claimed as the largest shopping mall in the continent, has a new entertainment attraction for everyone -- MOA Eye.

There's a new ride in town!

 This ferris wheel, which is also claimed (or so I heard) as the largest in the country ,is a roughly 15-minute ride that will give you a nice aerial view of the mall grounds on one side, and the vast waters of the Manila Bay on the other side.

The wheel from below...

For a cost of Php150 for a one-round trip, it's not really that bad. 

And the cart starts to move..

... higher ...

... and higher...

... and higher!! Now this is what the view from the top looks like. Breathtaking.~

The journey to the top was kinda crazy because you see everthing going farther down. The adrenaline rush slows down once the cart moves back to the ground.

It's actually fun to ride especially with friends. Try it for yourself! :D

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