Yoga to Fitness! [❦ ~ #1]

January 07, 2012

So this is my first step towards living a healthy life! Actually I have blogged about my first step to my Diet goal last time. It was about dancing but unfortunately I was not able to pursue it (due to lack of time and the extra effort needed to learn the dance steps.... and also because I look like an idiot when I tried to copy the steps in the tutorial so I lost my motivation ><).

I had Yoga classes in college so I already have background about this kind of exercise. It's actually very easy to do. 

Everything begins with the basics. ;)

At first I was afraid myself when I thought of enrolling to a Yoga class for my PE requirements. Images of people with their legs stretched up to the back of their head and hanging across their shoulders as if their extremities were twisted always come to mind. Well most of those poses that I was imagining are actually for the advanced practicioners. ;p

What I'm doing are basic and intermediate yoga poses. Thanks to some Android applications that I downloaded that offers yoga poses for the abs, back, hips and butt, and chest. I recommend to try them out, they're free anyway. Some of the poses may be hard for beginners but after consistent practicing, there would surely be developments. 

I learned a series of poses from my yoga class and I still practice them today. I tried doing the poses from the Daily Yoga android apps and as expected, I can't do some of them yet. It is important not to overexert your body in yoga. Flexibility will be achieved in stages. Also in practicing yoga, you will feel relaxation because it is some form of meditation. 

There are lots of health benefits from yoga so I recommend everyone to try it. :D

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