ORION Captured! [☾ ~ #6]

January 28, 2012

It was a moonless and cloudless night, so I took out the camera to capture the stars! I had a hard time finding a good spot because the lamp post is very near to our house and it's obscuring the light of the stars. Also our the clothes string lines are obstructing the view. ><

Wow. I never imagined there was actually this number of stars at night. Damn city light and air pollution.

Good thing Sirius is bright enough to be seen in the LCD screen of the cam. It served as my guide in positioning the camera lens towards the sky.

Orion spotted! :D

The Orion constellation is very easy to locate, thanks to its distinct form in the sky. :)

ORION (closer look)

I learned that 25 seconds of exposure would already create star trails in your image. A tripod is a MUST in taking pictures of stars. The general rule in doing astrophotography is setting the camera to the longest shutter speed, biggest aperture, and highest ISO level.

I can't wait for the full moon! It's my target object on my next photography session. :D

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