Encounter with Exotic Animals [★]

January 28, 2012

Just this afternoon, we went to visit my mother's childhood friend in the province. Their house is like a zoo because they are taking care of several animals -- rabbits, chickens, ostriches, wild pigs, a monkey, and a peacock. 

There are also beautiful plants around the house, like these orchids.

These plants elegantly decorated the entrance of the house.

Several plants surround most of the area of the backyard.

Then I saw these two rabbits.

I love the brown one more. :D

At first, they were asleep. Then when I passed their cage again, they were awake already. When they saw me, they were very enthusiastic. xD

They look so cute!!

There were also baby wild pigs in one of the cages. It was actually my first time to saw one. They are black ones and they looked so cute and chubby! 

These little boars run around their cage like kids. Well they are actually.

Meanwhile the animal that really took my attention was their peacock. It was gorgeous. <3

THIS IS AN UNEDITED PHOTO. It's feather's colors are naturally striking.

This animal is worth Php25,000. OTL

It was really nice we paid a visit to their house. :D I learned to appreciate those animals that I don't commonly see. This made me want to go to a public zoo soon. I realized I haven't gotten into one in years. xD

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