Overexposed to Maroon 5 Music [★]

June 28, 2012

I'm so into Maroon 5 for the past several weeks. I've loved them since their Songs About Jane days. Their songs are my favorites to sing on the karaoke. I also love the gorgeous and handsome Adam Levine!! I've been addicted to their Payphone single for weeks! That song would be in repeat loop throughout the day while I am programming at work. Then recently I learned that they included Philippines in their tour for the promotion of their new album Overexposed. It's their third time to do a concert here. I don't know where I was during the previous two (maybe I don't have spare money and I am is still dedicated to studying... I'm a nerd back then hehe) but now that I already earn my own money, I have the freedom to spend it to things that will make me happy (Weee!) so I won't let this one pass. I'm going to watch concert!!

With the power of the internet, I was able to get a copy of the album days before its official release (through sites that you also know for sure, but please buy the album too... support their music!!). I fell in love with Beautiful Goodbye and Daylight right away. Lucky Strike, The Man Who Never Lied, and Love Somebody are my top dance tracks. I'm so excited to see Adam perform live so now I'm busy familiarizing myself with the other songs.

Maroon 5 will rock Manila, and I'm gonna be there! Wooh! \m/


Update [June 29, 2012]
My sister already got our tickets! Patron and Upper Box A tickets are already sold out so we settled for Upper Box B. It will be far from the stage though. Nevertheless, it's enough that I would actually be part of the concert. I can't wait for September to come! :D

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3 (mga) komento

  1. Kath, see you at the concert :)

  2. Hi Gay! Let's enjoy the concert! :D

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