Venus Transit 2012 - Images and Updates [★]

June 06, 2012

As I am writing this post, Venus is currently between the Sun and the Earth and its shadow is casting upon the Earth's surface. Astronomy enthusiasts all over the world observe this event that will not happen for the next 105 years!

Not all countries will be able to personally observe this event but with the power of internet, everyone can access real-time photos and videos of the on-going and the last Venus transit of the century.

Here is NASA's spectular video covering the first and second contact of the transit.

Anthony Urbano, an astronomy enthusiast, took these pictures of the Venus transit at the CS Ampitheater in UP Diliman, Quezon City Philippines 

at 6:30AM local time

at 8:14AM local time
It seems like many people are getting their updates online (like me xD). The transit even trended on twitter.

So much for this historical event! I'm so glad the weather is somehow cooperating, because for the past days it was raining. T__T


Too bad I am not able to go to UP because of some situational conflicts, so I am just getting my updates online. I am also currently craving to buy a telescope for future observations! I really want to own one, so I guess I need to save money and search for a model that will suit my budget. I actually, I saw this Celestron FirstScope which is very affordable and portable to use. I just contacted our local Celestron dealer if they have stocks for this model. Hoping for their affirmative response! 

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