Google Glass is the Future [★]

May 11, 2013

As soon as I saw this on CNN, I knew this is the start of a new era. This technology will take over the "touch technology" that is the trend on mobile phones and tablets of today. I know it's not yet available in the market (I heard it would be next year?) and currently it's still on beta stage among thousands of developers handpicked by Google to do test runs on the device. I bet everyone is quite curious about this new innovation. Limited information about its features are available in the web and developers are still on the works on discovering the boundaries of the capabilities of this device.

The protocol is to say "ok glass" before addressing your command to the device. Google Glass is all about voice commands. Think of all the new possibilities! Everything will be done handsfree! Seeing the videos of beta users on the Google Glass site is enough to make me hyped about it.

Typing on keys to send a message will be a thing of the past. Just say out loud the message and Google Glass will type it out for you.

Shooting pictures and videos can be done within seconds. You can capture perfect moments easily.

Video chatting will be a new kind of experience! Interacting with people around the globe will never be the same again.

Google Glass will make the world feel even smaller. Interacting with people even in foreign places would be much much easier. Language barrier would be another thing of the past, because you would be able to converse in real-time with people in their native language with the use of Glass' language translator. Also with the GPS feature, you would never get lost within the city ever again. 
My issues. I'm wondering how that voice command thing would work within a crowd, with hundreds of people talking at the same time. How would Google Glass be able to identify the wearer's command? I hope the beta testers and developers are already working on that. 

Also, I think the use of Google Glass would make copyright violations even widespread in cases of movies, plays and concerts. I think this device should be strictly prohibited from those places.

If only I learned about Google Glass earlier, I would have signed up to be a Glass Explorer. Oh well, I am interested on how things would progress for this innovation so I would be keeping news about Glass on track from now on. If you're interested too, you can sign up here.

Just like what the CNN anchor said, you'll need to have a bodyguard when using Google Glass because it's a very expensive gadget that can be easily be snatched and taken from you. I guess it would be several years from now before I would be able to use Google Glass without any fear of being a target by snatchers. ><

It seems like the boundary of the real world and the online world will become more blurry because of this. It will be interesting to see how Glass will be able to change our daily lives. I guess we'll just have to wait until next year to experience this technology and how it will improve the way we see the world. :D

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