Food Trips: Ara Korean Restaurant - A Taste of Korean Cuisine [☝]

May 05, 2013

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you would have known by now that I love Korean culture. I have come to love their music first, then their dramas, and then their food! I love how their cuisine is so healthy because it consists mostly of vegetables. :D

Together with my friends (who are also kpop fans), we decided to pay a visit to this Korean restaurant that is just within the area of our office. 

After we settled down on our table, we were already served by side dishes, of which is a standard on any Korean restaurants.

My favorite was the gaji namul (가지나물) and that boiled sweet potato (I don't know the Korean name for it). Also, I was not able to identify that side dish at the far left because I hardly touched it. xD

We ordered three dishes - pa jeon (파전) [green onion pancake], jeyuk bokkeum (제육볶음) [spicy fried pork], and yuk gae jang (육개장) [spicy beef soup].

Though most of the dishes were spicy (that's already a given in the Korean cuisine xD), we thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. 

I would love to return to try their other dishes. *yum*


Ara Korean restaurant is located along Malugay St. Bel-Air Makati City. It is just outside the Lasema Spa. There's also a Korean grocery store beside it. The area is just an awesome place for the ultimate Korean culture experience! :D

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