Ted Talks: Hyeonseo Lee: My Escape from North Korea (2013) [★]

May 05, 2013

I am a subscriber of the TED Talks podcast. I find them really entertaining and inspiring. It's very engaging to listen to these people who have such brilliant ideas and experiences to share with the world. Some of the notable talks that I remember are of this woman who made the walls of an abandoned house into a source of inspiration to everyone who passes by (watch her talk here), of this guy who encouraged everyone to document every second of their life (literally) (watch his talk here) and of this techie guy who developed a program of an AI robot using Apple gadgets (watch his talk here). I get so amazed by the innovative ideas that they have and their dedication to make these ideas come to life.

There's this one TED talk that really got my attention and brought me to tears by the end of it. The speaker is a lady from North Korea who shares her story of how she and her family escaped from her country.

It was heart-wrenching. Just by watching this talk, I could feel all the hurt and difficulties that she had to go through as she recounted the events that happened during her escape from North Korea. I think it is very brave of her to go out and stand for herself in the TED stage. 

This talk gave me a fresh view of what really is the situation in North Korea because I heard it from a person with first-hand experience of it. The emotions were raw and real, and I couldn't believe things like that are actually happening in that country. 

Through this talk, I hope the message that Hyeonseo Lee wanted to convey reached the audience of the whole world. Hats off to you girl. Daebak. :)

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