Book Reads: Fragile Things (Neil Gaiman) [☝]

January 05, 2014

Gaiman is one of top picks for authors of fictional books. Reading his works is like entering a whole new world filled with dark secrets and the creepiest things that you can think. He is like Tim Burton but of books and written stories.

Gaiman is a truly a master of his dark craft.

His book Fragile Things contains a series of short stories. You might think a story that's only a page long won't disturb you, but this is Gaiman's magic - the brevity of the story is what will haunt you, leaving it to your imaginations to see the implications of the story.

I love reading Gaiman's short stories, which is similar to his other book, Smoke and Mirrors. I read this book just before bedtime, which is I think was not a very good idea because the stories invite nightmares as I sleep during the night. But I still did it anyway, because on the contrary, I loved having the nightmares. :)

Some of my picks on this book are Harlequin Valentine, The Problem of Susan, Feeders and Eaters, and The Day the Saucers Came. Reading these titles and recalling their stories still give me the creeps, but in a good way.

So far, only Gaiman's stories has this effect on me. I love reading his works and I will continue to read some more. His works are not for the faint-hearted, because your imaginations yourself will make the stories even more disturbing than they already are.

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