Google Best Apps of 2013 Winner “whoscall” Released on LINE [★]

January 17, 2014

Access a Worldwide Database of Over 600 Million Phone Numbers to 
Identify Unknown Numbers in Real Time and Protect Against Malicious Sources

Manila, Philippines – LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with 320 million users worldwide, announced on January 9 the release of LINE whoscall, a free call-filtering and number management app for Android developed by Gogolook Co., Ltd., a world leading caller ID service company.

LINE whoscall for Android devices will allow users to identify the source of incoming numbers and filter out unwanted calls and messages. The app is a reworked interface for LINE users based on whoscall, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times worldwide, and was selected for the Google Best Innovation Award of 2013 in eight regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

LINE whoscall utilizes a database of over 600 million numbers, including businesses and shops, sourced from the Yellow Pages and other public data resources to automatically identify and display the source of incoming calls and messages as they arrive. This allows users to filter out suspicious numbers before they answer a call or message.

Some important notes on what this app does in your phone:
  • Contacts found on mobile devices will not be automatically collected by the LINE whoscall service.
  • The app will not include a feature that offers LINE account authentication on its release. For this reason, messages and calls received inside the LINE app will not be affected by the filtering settings made with LINE whoscall.

LINE whoscall
Supported devices: Android
Supported languages: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Japanese
Supported regions: Global
Service begins: January 9, 2014
Cost: Free
Download it now at the Google Play Store.  
For more information, please visit

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