Secret Santa 2014: The Reddit Edition! [★]

December 07, 2014

So I am really into Reddit these days and it's really helping me a lot (lots of interesting articles to read, priceless life lessons, and motivations in learning the piano to mention a few). Christmas is fast approaching and I stumbled and learned about the yearly Secret Santa that reddit holds, and just like a child, my eyes lit up with excitement and joy!

Looks like Reddit is up for a new world record. :D

Secret Santa on Reddit started in 2009 and has massively grown in scale of participants. In 2012, Guiness World Records recognized Reddit's Secret Santa as world's largest online secret santa event, with a record of 44,805 participants.

Dan McComas, creator of redditgifts, talks below about how the Secret Santa all started.

It has become so big even famous people and celebrities had started joining in. Imagine getting a gift from Bill Gates!

Here's the current stats of Secret Santa 2014:

And here's the current stat of my exchange:

My giftee is from Canada. She's an expecting mother and likes little mermaid stuff! I hope she would like the gift that I have sent to her. :D Meanwhile, I have no idea where my secret santa is from. I have just notified the people at home to expect a stranger's package in the next weeks to come. Hehe.

All of this secret santa exchange is spreading lots of cheers around the world. I am so happy to be part of this (and to be part of a world record! wohoo!). If I could still afford it, I would join again next year.

Thank you Reddit for spreading the love! And to all of the Secret Santa Redditors out there, you rock! :D

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