Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Gangnam Strolling [★]

June 28, 2015

We proceeded in exploring more of Gangnam, one of the richest districts in Seoul. True enough, this stretch of the Apgujeong road shows proof to this claim, as signature brands are all side by side in the area.

K-Star Road
There's a newly launched KPOP-themed attraction in Gangnam called K-Star Road.

Psy's Toy K Doll in Gangnam

This project was only officially opened on March 2015. The local government of Gangnam aims to establish this new attraction as a tourist spot for fans. Luckily, with just the project being a month old, we were able to visit the dolls!

This blue-white-pink stripes serve as guide to the path of the K-star road.
The artists featured here are mostly from the three entertainment agencies within the area - SM, JYP, and CUBE.

All the dolls are lined up along the Apgujeong road. Here's the 4Minute Toy K Doll leading the pack.

S.M. and Cube Entertainment
K-Star Road also leads to the offices of SM, Cube, and JYP. We decided to visit SM because that's where my favorite groups are from. Our starting spot to SM is this larger-than-life billboard of TaeTiSeo, promoting their latest album in the market.

I urged my sister to have this photo haha! She's a fan of the group.

There were not much people at that side of the road, just a few cars driving by. Along the way to SM Entertainment, we saw these exercise equipments at the side of the road.

Health is a very high-priority aspect of life in Korea. These exercise equipments are usually used by ahjummas and ahjusshis who want to stay fit.

If in case you get lost along the K-star road, just find the blue bird along the street signs. :D

Finally we arrived at SM Entertainment building!

There were a handful of fans there, who were also waiting to see if some stars would come out of the building. I was kinda surprised because for a huge company like SM, their office only is this small.

Because there was nothing to see anymore in the area (and we didn't really want to waste time stalking idols), we proceeded to our way home. The area is very far already from the nearest subway station so we were kinda lost how we would be travelling back.

So we tried to orient ourselves (thank you GPS!) back to the main road. On our way, we chanced passing by CUBE entertainment!

I don't really follow their artists so I am not attached to the agency. Hehe. We just took these photos and proceeded in finding our way home.

It was starting to get dark actually, and my sister was kinda worried. Haha it was my plan all along to go to SM Entertainment! xD Good thing we arrived at a taxi terminal. We hailed one and rode up to Apgujeong subway station. From there we already know the way, coz we have been riding the subway like a hundred times in our stay in Seoul!

They said Gangnam is the place where there's a high chance you'd see a celebrity casually walking down the street because the entertainment agencies are just nearby. However, we did not see any. (ー△ー;)Though I saw an SBS truck with some crew pulling down shooting equipments (large cameras and some huge black boxes), and I think if we stayed long enough, we'd actually witness a shooting of a drama!

Oh well, it's fine I guess. With the cold weather that day (it drizzled a bit so it even got colder!), I just wanted to return to our warm hostel and rest for a bit. But wait! We still have one itinerary left in our list for the day. (hint: It's one of the most romantic places in Seoul, and it's just walking distance from our hostel!)

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