Boracay 2014 [#6] - Last Day in the Island

November 01, 2015

[March 2014]

It was our last day in Boracay, and so to maximize our last hours in the island, we woke up extra early that day.

The beach shore at dawn

The beach view at dawn never failed to give me such relaxing vibes. I loved it sooo much.

We grabbed the chance to do lots of things that morning - do yoga poses, create hearts, scribble fangirl confessions on the sand, and just take random snapshots of items on the sand and along the beach.

After goofing around, we went back and ate our breakfast at the front of the hotel.

After breakfast, we went on and arranged our things back at the hotel in preparation for our departure. Then we ate our lunch at the hotel again.

Our last meal at the island :(
We had to ride the ferry again to go to the airport.

It was already dusk when we boarded the plane, I love sunsets, and I am so lucky to be at the window seat again. The sky was so lovely during that plane trip. I think I spent the next several minutes just snapping photos of the view outside the plane.

If my memory serves me right, this is where I saw a meteor in the sky. It was the rarest scenario to happen to me - see a "shooting star" while airborne on a plane. It was only a split second, and I was lucky to catch that. \(★-★)/

I am forever thankful that our Boracay trip pushed through the way it happened. Instead of it being an impulsive trip to fulfill our fangirling needs, it became a relaxing and happy family trip. My sister and I got the chance to treat our mom. Though we only had few activities when we were in the island, we really enjoyed just looking at the view and talking to each other about random stuff while sinking our toes in the white sands of the beach. I hope we could do a similar trip again, this time with dad and the whole family. :)

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