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November 19, 2015

I don't know if it's common for people, but I have boxes at home where I keep all of the things with sentimental value to me. Before, I had a lot of items stored in there but eventually I had to throw some of them away. (T_T) I couldn't really let them go, so I decided to just take photos of them and store the files on a CD. Recently I got hold of that CD while going through my stuff. As I went through each of the files, such nice memories came rushing in. I knew I had to share them here, in case the worst-case scenario happens that the CD got lost or corrupted. (^v^)

SONG ARRANGEMENT OF OUR CHRISTMAS CAROL FEST PERFORMANCE. It was my sophomore year in high school, and it was the best Christmas activity that we've had for that year. We joined a Christmas choir contest in our school, and we won second place in the over-all category (if my memory serves me right)! The rugged look of this script is proof that I used this a lot during our practice. Aah, those times really bring great memories. I remember it was our classmate, Rex, who drafted the medley for us. #happytimes

ANIME DRAWINGS. I had a lot of classmates that were truly talented. One of them was Cecile. She's one of the best artists in class. She knew I love Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailormoon so she gave me some of her drawings as random gifts. ^___^

YOKITO DRAWING. I vividly remember this one. This is from John, my seatmate during junior high. He just outlined this drawing from a mask that we had in school. He didn't really know how to draw. xD

LEE SHAORAN. This is another anime drawing given to me when I was in elementary (which was like more than a decade ago lol) by Allen. I was on a hype with Cardcaptor Sakura during those times and so my classmates would draw things like these for me. It was unfinished though (Shaoran has no mouth haha).

SAKURA AND ASKOT DRAWINGS. Here are more works of art by Allen. He's really talented, right? I just don't know if he still draws today though. I hope he pushed through with nurturing this talent.

ANOTHER LEE SHAORAN DRAWING. Hmm I believe this was created by my classmate Nikki. (ーー;) Ah I hope I'm giving proper credit for this one. As far as I know, Nikki has become a freelance artist today and holds art exhibits now. She's come a long way from doing anime comic strips with our barkada in high school. *proud*

PIECES FROM THAT MEMORABLE HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT. Anyone who was in our batch would surely remember these pieces from that project. I was in sophomore year, to be exact. These paper dolls are representations of some of our teachers during that time. It was one memorable project coz we spent lots of overnights in one of our teammate's house finishing it, which created great memories for all of us.

FRIENDSHIP TOKENS. It's such a norm in high school to give something to your circle of friends. The photos above are some of them. I have received an audio CD of worship songs from Joice (first on the left on the top row of photos). Then there's this stack of "love letters" that I have received over the years from my friends (second to the left, top row). Merjim, one of the sweetest friends I had, created this letter (third to the left, top row) containing descriptions about our crush (yes we share the same guy lol) using all the letters of the alphabet. The center photo is the paper that I got as a result of one of our retreat sessions. It was from an activity wherein a paper with your name on the center is passed around the class and your classmates are to write descriptions about the person whose name is on the paper. Then the next two photos (starting from the left on the bottom row) are both from Joice again. The papemelroti quotes are I think from my boardmates in college, and lastly the customized bookmark with my name, on the rightmost bottom row, was from Merjim again.

GIFTS FROM KOREAN EXCHANGE STUDENTS. Back in high school again, I had the chance to be part of the group of students who welcomed Korean students that visited the school. Actually I was not really part of the original group, but because of certain turn of events, I was included in that list of students. Each of us were assigned Korean students to talk to during their tour around the campus. I was assigned to a girl named Chang Hye Joo. I remember we talked about Rain and how he's so famous here because of the drama Full House. I also remember struggling to come up with topics of conversation with her (aaaah if I only I knew KPOP then!!! We could have talked about BoA, TVXQ, Shinhwa, g.o.d. etc.). Anyway, there were Korean boys too and I remember them doing magic card tricks for us. I cannot remember if they were handsome though. Hahaha. Anyway, Hye Joo gave me a notebook and a pencil and some post-it notes as token for their visit. I was not able to give her anything in return (huhu) because I was assigned this task last minute and was not able to prepare something for them. *sigh*. I asked for their emails so that we could maybe chat when they return to Korea, but it never happened. Oh well I'm just glad to have met them then. :)

SHOW TICKETS. These are tickets to plays and to UP Fairs that I have attended in the past. I used to go there with my orgmates in UP Astrosoc. :D

PIANO EXHIBIT AT UP VARGAS. There were two upright pianos in this exhibit in UP Vargas, and I swear they changed my life (I mentioned this on one of my Christmas lists). Since learning this exhibit, I always went to the museum to play in between classes. I really enjoyed playing on them. Piano music played a huge role during my college years, and it became therapeutic especially during my sophomore years. My yearning to learn playing the instrument intensified when I met a classmate who played it like a magician. I would mention one song and he would be able to play it right away. If he didn't know the song, he'd ask for a few notes and then he would still be able to play it on the piano! I just remembered, he was the only person to hear my demo tape(?) perfoming A Thousand Miles on the piano. Those were such happy memories. If I was right, he's serving the academe now as an instructor while taking his master's degree. He also teaches violin on the side (no I'm not a stalker). Meeting him made me realize how I wanted to learn to play the piano properly. Though fast foward 7 years to the present, I am still struggling in learning it. :/

Wow that was some journey down the memory lane! I still have several photos of memorabilias but I think they're not as interesting as those above. It's always a nice feeling to reminisce the good times. I may not anymore be in touch with the people I share these memorabilias with, but the moments I shared with them would always be with me. :)

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