Q4 2015 Morning Playlist [★]

November 01, 2015

I cannot believe we are on to the last quarter of the year (we're actually down to the last two months)! Time flies really fast!

Last quarter was a concert-filled period for me, as I had the honor to see three great artists perform live: Big Bang, Imagine Dragons, and Maroon 5. My previous playlist was filled with their songs because I was highly anticipating their concerts.

This quarter's playlist consists of a combination of a lot of things: artists that I am also anticipating in a concert, new finds courtesy of Spotify, and a handful of favorite songs from my music library.

Good Goodbye
Nobody's Home
One OK Rock

I am a sucker for guys who have great singing voices. This is the main reason I fell in love with this Japanese rock band. I really really got to like Taka's voice, and my heart melted when I heard their cover of my most favorite song of all time. I have decided to see them in concert this January, and these tracks are my top favorites from them.

What Do You Mean
Justin Bieber

I first heard this song when Justin performed it during the MTV Video Music Awards, and I thought it was pretty good. I got to listen to it again when we were on our way home from our mountain hike from Pico de Loro (post about that coming soon!) and it captured the relaxing feeling I felt during that moment. This song has become the theme song of that hike. :D

I Belong in Your Arms

This band is one of my fresh discoveries, courtesy of Spotify! I love the vocals of this band, and the general feel of this song, which is relaxing and carefree.

Come Together
Let's Love

I got to really really like this band. Too bad I wasn't able to catch them during their concert here. (´∩`。) Oh well, my concert budget has been maxed out already. If they come back to have a show again, I would definitely come and see them. These two tracks are my favorites next to their song Bright. :D

Heart Out
Settle Down
Love Me
The 1975

The 1975 is my most loved band at the moment (yes, more than all of those kpop stuff), and it doesn't help that they have dropped a new song for me to feast on. The black-and-white themed indie band has stripped down to reveal pop-ish pink colors on their new album which is (ridiculously) entitled 'I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It'. The new album won't be out until February next year though. They have already announced dates of their concert stops (they're fully booked until Q2 2016!) and I am badly anticipating to see a date for Manila (please please please).

Their new song Love Me is far from what I have expected as new music from them. I think that's a positive thing because it means their music is so versatile that the band will be able to surprise you with every new material they release. So far, I'm loving the new video, all because I get to see Ross all getting high and wild(人´∀`*).

The rest of the tracks that I included in the morning playlist are my top favorites, which is already a given. :p

Taeyeon ft. Verbal Jint 

Taeyeon's debut solo song had all the right feels for me - from the powerful vocals, the melody, the music video, and the lyrics - all of these fitted perfectly, thus making this song the soundtrack of one of my recent adventures. :D


This Big Bang sub-unit produces the best rap songs, and this one recent work proved just that. This song brings me back to their concert here wherein GD himself sang this song for the first time ever in public (the song was scheduled to be released a week from that date) and it was a special treat for us Manila fans. The song came with a very witty music video, which made it much more memorable and special for me.

Who You

There were several tracks that I've heard in the Big Bang concert, that were unfamiliar to me, that caught my attention. Most of them were from GD's solo album. Who You and Crooked are just some of them. It's a shame that I was able to know these songs just recently, but you gotta give it to me because all these years I was just focused to nothing but only TVXQ/JYJ stuff, so everything that was released during that same period when I was TVXQ-focused I only get to listen today. xD

And so my morning routine continues. So far, having music to accompany me during the first hours of the day have been effective in boosting my energy. The playlist also serves as my timer to prevent me from getting late to work. That's dual purpose for me! ┗(^0^)┓

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