Operations All-Hands Meeting [★ ~ CA Travel #4]

November 22, 2015

[October 2014]

One of the "main events" in our week in the main office was the all-hands meeting of all the departments under Operations. It was the venue to talk about the accomplishments that each team has done for the previous quarters and also to announce the plans set in place for the next quarters to come. It was something I looked forward to because it was one of the rare events that most of the people in Ops get together and actually meet each other.

stolen shot before the meeting began :D

Usually the ops meeting has two parts: the presentation and the socialization part. On the first part, heads of each department give a talk, and then the second part is lunch/dinner time with all the people. Usually they hold it some place outside the office. The presentation part was held at the Mavericks Event Center in Half Moon Bay.

The view outside of the center was breathtaking.

There was a bar with some alcoholic drinks so me and a colleague decided to try some of their margarita.

I cannot remember now the taste of their margarita, but since it did not leave an impression to me, I'm safely assuming that it was not that good. xD

The socialization part was held in Sam's Chowder House, a seafood restaurant, which was in Half Moon Bay also.

same wonderful bay view
There were drinks again like wine available for all at the restaurant.

Wine, anyone?

My teammates trying out the drinks!

There were some raw oysters available also, but I was too cautious about eating raw seafoods so I just took pictures of it.(ーー;)

They look yummy though.

We saw some cooks of the restaurant placing some live lobsters (and other seafood animals) in hot water. The shrimps and lobsters were still moving when they placed them in the water. I kinda felt sad for the animals though.

And it was meal time! We sitted inside the restaurant when night came and excitedly waited for our meal.

It was buffet style and so we went outside again (it was already cold then because it was evening already!) to get our food.

THIS WAS MY MEAL. Omg I am salivating now
that I'm seeing this photo again. *yum*

It was a bit of a challenge to eat it actually. Some of my colleagues had to teach me how to use the lobster cracker to get the meat on some parts. Haha!

It was again a day of new experience - from meeting new people to eating lobsters! I really learned a lot that day. ^__^

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2 (mga) komento

  1. That's nice that you managed to resist the raw seafood such as the clams. I probably couldn't. I have a thing for raw food. A good thing too considering the dangers ogf pathogens from raw food. On the plus side, your meal did look extremely yummy.

    1. I'm really cautious on eating raw seafood especially during that time because it will be a hassle to nurse a troubled stomach there! xD


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