Blog Giveaway: Korea and KPOP Items! [★] - CLOSED

November 14, 2015

I am very very excited to launch yet again another giveaway on this blog! The last one I did was two years ago. Now is another chance to win yourself some free stuff!

This time, being the winner won't solely be based on 'luck', as a right answer must be provided for it to be able to be considered a valid entry.

Prizes at Stake
For this giveaway, I will be awarding the winner with the following items:

Korea Travel Guide Book (blue and yellow one)
Sparkling Magazine - Winter 2012 Issue
Korea's Most Unique Accommodations book
one KPOP Album
I am highlighting that KPOP album item because that is the mystery that you'll need to solve for you to get the prize!

Disclaimer: This album is not brand new. It's an extra copy that I happened to have but it's still playable. The photobook that comes with the album is still intact.

To be this giveaway's winner, just answer this very easy question:

Can you guess who is the artist and what is the title of the mystery album cover below?

hint: inspect the images and you will find a clue :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you get it right, then that album is yours, together with the other prizes listed above!

This giveaway is open until December 12, 2015. Claiming of prize is again at this year's KPOP Convention which will be on the 19th. I will meet you there and give you the prize! :)

Announcement of winner is on December 15, 2015. This post will be updated once a winner is selected! An email/SMS will also be sent to the winner. Non-winners will not be contacted. Winner must confirm receipt of message within 48 hours or else I will draw a new winner from the rafflecopter plugin. Please keep your lines open/check your emails regularly, especially on the day of winner announcement. The winner's name will be posted here once confirmation has been received from him/her.

[update: December 12]  I am extending the contest for a few more days, because well nobody has sent the right answer yet. To make things easier, I'm making the image sharper this time:

Can you guess the album this time? Enter your answer on the Rafflecopter plugin now!

Thanks and good luck!

[update: December 25] Sorry guys I was not able to update this page in a timely manner. I have already selected the winner and already contacted her for the prize. Yay! Have you guessed the answer to the question we have for this giveaway? See the answer below!

Album: Keep Your Head Down
Artist: TVXQ

Suprisingly, the person who got the correct answer is from overseas. I originally intended to give the prize to a winner within Metro Manila only but I am now working on shipping the items to her!

Thanks everyone for joining the giveaway and for those who tried to guess for the answer.

'Til the next one! :)

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