Music Photography Workshop (Day 3 & 4): Post-Processing and Studio Shooting [★]

February 14, 2016

behind-the-scene of the band portrait shoot during day 4 workshop
Kris Richa on lens shooting the Autotelic band
In the original schedule of the workshop, there would only be three sessions (and it should all have been within the month of November) but because of conflicts in schedule, we all had to adjust. Kris always inquired with us for our free dates before arranging a date for the next session. In the final schedule, the post-processing lecture and band portrait sessions were split to two days.

Day 3: Photo Post-Processing Lecture
This is another one-on-one session with Kris. We met up at a coffee shop near the Top Hat studio. With two laptops in front of us, the lecture started. Kris mostly uses Lightroom and Photoshop in post-editing her photos. Aside from post-processing tips and tricks, she also gave advice on how to effectively arrange photo files, on creating an online portfolio (can be in the form of a Facebook fan page or own website) and creation of own logo for use in watermarking your photos.

The wonders of post-processing.
Although I have already explored the features of Lightroom beforehand using the photos I took during Threadfest Manila, there were still new things I learned from Kris during that session. I'm looking forward to applying them when I do post-processing again in the future. :)

Day 4: Studio Shooting / Band Portrait
The last session was held in Top Hat studio again. This time, I was able to meet my "classmates" in this workshop (Hi Sarah and Danee!). Apparently there are three of us in this batch. By the way, this is the third time Kris held a workshop like this.

ninja photo @ Top Hat xD
Photos on the wall are all of Kris' works

Kris gave a lecture about the basics of studio photography. She demonstrated to us the different lighting techniques being used in taking portraits. She mentioned terms like rembrant light, fill light, hair light, and edge light. As she introduced the terms, she demoed it using the lightings in the studio and having her assistant serve as her model for each technique.

my camera settings during the studio photoshoot
The band that we were to shoot for that day was Autotelic. We had some time before the shoot to get to know the band by researching stuff about them online. I was searching for photos of them to get to associate the names with the faces (which was a bit hilarious for me because that was exactly was I was doing a few weeks ago for EXO's concert). Kris was also playing some of their songs in the background while we were having lunch in the studio. There would be three layouts in the band's shoot for the day, and Kris would be giving each of us a chance to shoot the band for one of those layouts.

When the band finally came, I saw a familiar face amongst the people who came into the room. Gabby Alipe (vocalist of Urbandub) was with them! Apparently Autotelic is under his management (in some way I think). After doing a wardrobe change, the band was ready for the shoot!

A photo posted by Kathleen R (@katalinarosario) on

I got the formal-in-black layout of the band's shoot. With Kris' guidance, I did a few shots of the group. It was a nerve-cracking actually, as everyone in the room is looking out for the photographer to give out instructions. Good thing the band members were professionals already, and they did different poses each time I snapped photos of them. :D

Sarah, one of my workshop classmates, in action!
(And there's Gab for you sitting in the couch!)
As I am not sure if we are allowed to release photos, I'm just posting here a preview of the best photo (in my opinion) of them that I took during the shoot.

A photo posted by Kathleen R (@katalinarosario) on

The shoot lasted for around 4 hours. At the end of the day,  Kris gave us our certificates for the workshop!

Yay! I have officially completed the music photography workshop!
Thanks Kris! It was indeed a pleasure learning with you. The workshop had been a fun experience for me (and for Sarah and Danee also for sure).

Sarah told me this would be Kris' last workshop. I hope it's not true though. I have witnessed how hard working she is and I now understand how she became as successful as she is today. A lot of people who are interested in music photography can learn from her.

I am glad I had the opportunity to enroll in this workshop. I really learned a lot! I'm excited to use all those knowledge on future concerts/music events that I will attend to in the future! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

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  1. #sulit one of the many words to describe your experience... this is one of your many post series that i really enjoyed reading! nice one kath! *high five*

    1. Thanks Krishan! It was a "life-changing" experience (ika nga ni Pas haha).


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