Fortune Telling: Do You Believe In It? [❁]

February 04, 2016

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It happened that today there was a Free Fortune Telling booth at our building because apparently it's Chinese New Year, and this was part of the celebration. I have never tried this before and honestly I was a bit anxious when we arrived there to line up and have our fortune revealed to us.

Apparently a lot of people are interested in knowing their fortune, as the line started to grow longer in that booth. The crowd was mostly composed of females. Even people who passed by had this curious look on their faces when they noticed the signboard of the Fortune Telling booth. There were four fortune tellers situated there, one in each table, with tarot cards in hand.

We had to wait for at least 45 minutes before we had our turn. When it finally came, I was assigned to a table with a lady in her forties sitting on the other end. Her name was May Anne (or that's how I heard her name). She asked for my birthday and while holding my hand, she asked for my name. Then she shuffled the cards and spread it out in front of me. "Pick one", she asked. And so I did. She picked up a set of cards and started to read my fortune:

You are very focused on your career. True. but that's a bit of a generic statement, I thought. She picked another card on the deck. "There are current challenges being faced on, and also it seems that you are having a hard time now, and it's leading to some doubts." Now we're talking. Funny thing is that I was supposed to post something related to that dilemma here in the blog, but because I was busy (I barely had time to sleep for the past weeks -___-), I was not able to even start a draft. I guess that uneasy feeling started weeks back. Fortunately things are getting better now. I actually have a work-around at hand for this problem, ready to be executed anytime I wanted. But meh, I still have not started anything. The days are just too short for me.

May Anne continued, "You need to persevere. Once you surpass this ordeal, things will run smoothy moving forward." Thanks. That's what I was planning anyway. I'm standing here for a lot of different reasons now, and I know those are what's most important. Plus these set of people that I'm with is hard to find. There are lots of things to learn from them, and I'm very honored to be part of the group actually. So yeah, I've learned to change my priorities. I'll just have to work on my own to get those other things that I wanted.

You currently have zero lovelife. Well you're wrong with that. I've got Chanyeol and the EXO gang, with the love-of-my-life Junsu from JYJ (though he has found his girl now *sob*), then there's Donghae and the Super Junior boys. Who says I haven't found love? 凸(`△´+) "But it's alright," she continued, "there's a person truly meant for you out there." (Don't feed my fantasies, woman :p). "Once you get your career going, love will follow. Marriage is sure to happen so you don't have to worry. The right time will come." Err right. I think I've heard that same line somewhere (sounds familiar, right?). Oh well then let things happen as they should. What I know is that I'm currently falling in love with Chanyeol. xD

Chanyeol, why you so handsome? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

There are some problems in the family that's bothering you. Well who doesn't have problems, right? I've mentioned that before in the blog. There are things you wouldn't able to change anymore because it's too late already. You'll just have to live with it. :)

After saying that last bit about my fortune, May Anne hurriedly excused herself to go to the bathroom. (゜◇゜)

One of my colleagues had an interesting experience in that booth. Even though she was still a few people behind the person in front of the line and that it was not yet her turn, she was singled-out by one fortune teller and requested for her to sit down on his table already because he wanted to read her fortune. However, the ushers in the booth requested to still follow the line sequence. In the end, my colleague still landed on that same fortune teller! They talked the longest time compared to our "consultations" with the other fortune tellers. After she was done (we were eager to know what they talked about!), she told us that she had to spill some secrets during that conversation. She was amazed herself that the fortune teller was able to point out some problems that she currently has. I bet that fortune teller was the best one among those in the booth.

Well I don't really know anything about this stuff, so I don't have to trust those predictions 100%. I understand why their statements are generic though. I wouldn't expect a psychic to be able to predict the lucky numbers in the lottery for the next day (because these are too specific information), but I would expect an interpretation if I ask them if it would be safe for me to return to a faraway place, alone this time. They only read information from a high-level perspective, not the specifics of what will happen in the future.

It was quite entertaining to have been able to experience this. I liked the part when our group started sharing our readings with each other. Fortune telling is fun! I'm just relieved that I did not receive any scary premonitions actually. Maybe I'll come pass by again next Chinese New Year. :D

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  1. awww... sayang i missed this! sino si officemate na may interesting experience?!

  2. Gusto ko din!! Kaya lang daming gawa sa office kahapon!!!


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