Music Photography Workshop: An Introduction [★]

February 14, 2016

I have always been into the art of taking photos. My first interest was astrophotography actually. I got exposed to the tips and tricks of capturing celestial objects when I was still an active member of the UP Astronomical Society back when I was in college.

When we had the chance to purchase a good 'ol DSLR, my love for capturing photos came to life again. I took my camera with me especially when I went out of town or even when I'm just going to the mall. I took those chances to apply theories that I have learned online on different subjects that I saw around me.

Soon after, my interest shifted into capturing photos of concerts that I attended to. My first ever concert was in 2011. Since then, my interest in attending these music events grew.

(Left) CL during the 2NE1 All-or-Nothing Tour Manila
(Right) KZ Tandingan, with Bamboo in the background during the Tatt Awards Night 2014
Several months ago, I got hold of the Lumix ZS30 camera and through its powerful zoom capability, concert photography became more flexible for me. I was always the one holding the camera during concerts so I got used to taking photos of the artist on stage. I learned that this is something I would highly enjoy doing, and I thought why not learn more about it and how to do stuff the correct way, right?

So when I saw the above post on one of the events photographers that I follow in IG, my heart skipped a beat. This is exactly what I was waiting for! This is my chance to learn straight from a pro! I thought about it for a few days. Finally I made up my mind and sent an email to Kris. After a few email exchanges, I was officially enrolled to her workshop! Yay! This is my first time to join something like this. I've known Kris' work for some time now and it was perfect timing for me that she has opened something like this for people who are interested to learn. 

I was intimidated to be honest. What should I expect out of this? What if I don't do good enough? But like what they say, it's always a good sign when you feel afraid when doing something new. It just means that you are extending your comfort zone, and you are taking the chance to grow and improve yourself. 

The workshop officially ended yesterday and you know what, I am so happy I grabbed this opportunity. I learned tons of things from Kris! I'll put into details the experiences I had in the next posts of this series. Taking photos in concerts will never be the same again.

Stay tuned!

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