Switchfoot is Coming to Manila This March! [★]

February 17, 2016

image credit: Walkway FB Page
That post title can't get any more obvious than that.

Yes, you've read it right. Switchfoot is visiting Manila this March for the Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross event at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater. Tickets are free (first come, first served basis) but there would be areas in the amphitheater that will be reserved for sponsors, event partners, and for ticket holders (which they will announce soon on how to purchase).

Just last month, I was daydreaming of finally seeing them in concert.
I was casually browsing Facebook earlier today. When my timeline came to this post, I had to read it again to make sure my eyes were seeing the words right. 


Those were the first words of the post. I just could not contain myself. I rushed onto the desktop and googled it to verify. When I stumbled on the CNN Philippines article about it, that's when it started to sink in. This is real. O-M-G.

Just to give you a background of where all of these emotions are coming from, Switchfoot has always been my greatest concert frustration. This is one of those artists where I really got my inspiration from especially during college. When I learned they were coming to Manila for a show back in 2011, I really wanted to go. I have never been to a concert back then, so this was really a big deal for me. I was supposed to go with someone back then, but because of certain turn of events, it did not push through. I got so frustrated. I was wishing they'd be back again here ever since. It felt like the "Vanessa Carlton incident" all over again. 

But now, it's finally happening! I have already saved the date! I'll make sure I'll see them this time!

Switchfoot sings such powerful and inspirational songs (maybe because they are a Christian rock band before they became mainstream). One of their songs, entitled Awakening, is the "theme song" of  that memorable end of semester back in college when I was able to successfully pass the final exam of the only subject where I got a grade of 4.0 (Conditional Pass or Fail). I remember it was one of the major subjects that we have for the course. That exam was the most crucial one that I have taken in my whole college life because it would depend on the results if I would be able to graduate on time or if I would be delayed for a year (it was a seasonal subject). I really did my best in reviewing for that exam. When I finally received the results of it, such great feelings of accomplishment rushed through me, and I just couldn't stop listening to that Switchfoot song to savor that moment. That was one of the most relevant turning points in my college life, and Switchfoot was all part of it. :)

Vice Verses album art
Vice Verses, Switchfoot's 8th studio album (which was released after their 2011 concert here) is the first physical CD album that I have ever purchased in my life (so far... The 1975's upcoming album will be the next one, hopefully!). I've been searching for that album everywhere. I finally found copies at the BGC branch of Fully Booked

If ever there would be meet-and-greet passes on the event on March, I would definitely bring that CD and have it autographed by them! :D

As of this writing, there are no announcements yet on how to get hold of those tickets for the Walkway show. I would have to stand by and check Walkway's FB page regularly. I would not let this opportunity pass again. Who knows, this might be their last stop here in the country, or their next one would still be several years in the future.

Please, universe, give this to me. I really want this one. Switchfoot, if things go right, I'll be able to see you perform live and in the flesh at last! 

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