Aroma Beach Resort in Bataan: A Perfect Place for Soul Rejuvenation

June 13, 2017

If I have one thing to learn about travel posts, it's 'writing the post asap after the travel is over'. I need to translate all those details and feelings into words while the memories are still fresh. So here I am, making that change, writing about my travel just this weekend.

This trip is my first getaway with the newer members of our team. If Camiguin-CDO is my first getaway with the core group, Bataan is my first bonding experience with the fresh faces of the team. πŸ˜€

We spent an overnight weekend getaway at a semi-private resort in Bataan named Aroma Beach Resort. I thought it was just another beach resort, but I was wrong. There is something special with this place.

About the Resort
Aroma Beach Resort is situated at Morong, Bataan which is ~5 hour drive from Manila.

Our group started the travel as early as 4:30AM. Because we did some long stops along the way, we arrived at the resort itself around lunch time. We still did a ~20 minute boat ride to reach the resort itself. As soon as we got off our boats, a resort staff gave us garlands made of crepe paper and straw. I was kinda surprised, because this is the first time I experienced that. πŸ˜†

Our group was assigned to this beach hut in the resort, because there were 14 of us in the group. There were two hammocks available for use inside the hut (not in the picture). They also provided tents for us. I noticed most of the huts are open-spaced and had hammocks in them.

The staff offered us some singkamas with bagoong (yum!) and also directed us to the DIY taho corner. At this stage, I was getting amused with the place. Upon quick scanning of the area, I discovered that there a lot of things to do in this resort. The signs all around the resort were very witty. See their photos on their Facebook page to see them yourself. My favorites were: the 'Warning: Zombies Ahead', 'Shower for Two', and the 'Changing Rooms'.

The complimentary toiletries were inside these leaves. So creative!
There were only a few people in the resort. I was actually a bit worried that the place will be crowded because it was a long weekend. Well I was wrong! The resort management have this amazing rule of limiting the number of people to occupy the resort at the same time. I think all in all, there were only 4 groups there during our stay, consisting of  less than 30 people. It was so amazing! We all had the resort facilities to ourselves.

All the meals were served buffet style, and each batch had like more than 5 kinds of food. The set was complete with condiments and fruit desserts. The meals were also served at different areas at the back part of the resort - some of them along tables with rushing fresh water below while a Filipino folk music is playing in the background. πŸ’—

Our One-Night Experience
Most of the people in our group started the drinking session right after lunch. A few brought their snorkeling gear (that includes me).We had a quick snorkeling session (the sea urchins were huge!).

If you plan going on snorkeling, I advise you to wear aqua shoes, as the sea urchins are huge here!

Someone from our group actually got pricked by sea urchin spines. Good thing the resort always had a bottle spray of vinegar ready, and that's what we used to help heal the wound. The aqua shoes would also be useful because there are some parts of the shore that are rocky. Because I had the shoes, I didn't have problem walking along the shore. During the low tide period just after sunset, I had some lone time jut leisurely strolling along the rocks near the shore. This scenery actually reminded me of a scene in the movie The Craft. πŸ˜‚Nature has this amazing ability to restore life in me. Thank You for letting me experience that. I felt happy to be alive.

It was drizzling during some parts of the day during our stay, so our group decided to just lay out our sleeping bags inside the hut. After our group's drinking session, most of us all slept right there and there inside the hut (save for one couple in the group). I think I was able to sleep for a few hours after we had the lights out our hut. After that, I got wide awake because I had to go to the restroom. Good thing the resort do not turn off their lights during the night. They have these soft lights like Christmas lights around the area (which I find romantic and magical because they looked like fireflies πŸ˜„). I did not feel afraid walking several steps from our hut to the comfort room in the wee hours of the night.

Upon returning back to the hut, I had trouble falling asleep. I knew I had to move somewhere else. I remembered this cozy bamboo swing bench under a tree by the shore. At 4AM, I braved myself and went out with my sleeping bag to the swing. I discovered it was the best decision to do! I felt the rush of the wind on my face while hearing the splashes of the water and looking at the swaying leaves above my line of sight. I realized it was a treat for my three senses. This was my most favorite moment during that trip. I felt so relaxed that it felt like a dream. I also had my music player with me, and I went all emo listening to my most favorite songs while in that paradise. As I savored nature through my senses, I sent my thoughts to the Universe during that moment. I wanted to capture that moment in my memory so that I can return to that it if in case I get stressed or feel down in the future. It was just so relaxing, I felt so happy and contented during the two hours I stayed under the tree.

All in all, the resort was great, and to be specific-
What I liked: 
* very creative signs
* peacefulness of the place because there were only a few people
* all of the facilities were free of charge - it was an all-in payment
* they have a lifevest and a life ring!
* good food
* no corkage fees
* perfect place to just chill and relax with friends
Things to Improve:
* the comfort rooms πŸ˜…
* the facilities in general
It was fun to be part of this group. I felt the warm camaraderie that everyone had for each other. I'm happy I was able to participate in this trip. It was just the vacation I needed.

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  1. Hi, is it accessible by land? Do they have parking?

  2. Been there last weekend.. and you can go there by land.. but the road going there is a little bit bumpy (rough road)..


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