The Maine: Lovely Little Lonely Tour in Manila #BazookaRocksV

June 25, 2017

I've been again to concert land, to see an artist I've known for a very short time (because I saw that they were coming here haha). This band is called The Maine.

The Maine performs @ Bazooka Rocks V
Apparently, the band is a regular here in the Philippines, as it's already their 6th show in the country. Well the fact that they have a great fanbase in Manila got proved that night, as the SM North Edsa Skydome was packed with concertgoers to see them perform! I was eager to see them that night because I knew it will be an intimate show with them. I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to get tickets for this show!

John O'Callaghan, the band's frontman, was such a huge ball of energy that night, engaging the audience in various chants. Plus, he was all over the place, literally! He screamed to the crowd to put down their phones several times throughout the show, which the people happily obliged. He promised in exchange of doing this, he'll show us two nipples and half a butt cheek. Who wouldn't say no to that, right? 😆😆😆 Some fans near the stage were holding up roses (because it's currently the symbol of their album/tour). John snatched one of them and ate it. Like, wtf?! He was so high and crazy that night, I loved it. 

We f*ck you too, John. 😆

John up the speakers performing that night.
John also pulled up a fan on stage and jammed with him the song 'Girls Do What They Want' which was super cool.
Also, can I just say how John is just one sexy beast? 😍

John's different sexy sides. Hihihi.
The crowd was amazing that night too! They were dancing with the beat of their songs!

Check out more photos from that night!

the awesome awesome band members of The Maine

They said they don't do encores (because it feels awkward for them), but since the crowd was chanting 'We want more!', they came out again to play. They did perform a few more songs (which indeed felt unrehearsed) before finally saying goodbye to the crowd. Well at least, we got to get a view of the band member's tattoos!

This is my 4th lone concert, and guess what, I am enjoying doing this even more. I love the liberation music is allowing me to experience - just being one with the crowd that night enjoying awesome music with the artist on stage. I was just slightly surprised that The Maine has a young audience in the country (given that the band is not that young hehe). I actually saw some familiar faces in the crowd (those that are heavily involved in the local concert scene, that I also follow on SNS). I also saw a friend that I met in that photography workshop I participated in.

I was actually lucky I got the best seat to take photos of the concert - one with a center view with the stage just along eye-level. I was so happy, given that I arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the show started. One of the lessons I learned from this concert is to use a memory stick larger than 8GB. It was in the middle of the show when my camera slapped the 'memory card full' notification at my face. 😭 This is the reason why I didn't have decent footages of the band singing my favorite songs, especially Bad Behaviour (well honestly I didn't have a chance, because I was too busy singing my heart out haha). Also, another lesson learned for that night - study the band's songs!! It was my fault I didn't explore their older tracks and just stuck with listening to their latest album Little Lovely Lonely. Good thing my seatmates on both sides are not that hardcore fans also. 😅

Post-concert, I've listened to some of the tracks that they performed last night, and Raining in Paris is now my favorite.

It's noticeable in their older songs that John's voice is a bit different. Did something happen that changed his voice? 🤔

Anyway, I still enjoyed that night! I am still not a full-pledged The Maine fan, but I'm hoping to discover their discography more so that I can sing along next time they come here for a show. That's a deal. :D

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