Camiguin-CDO 2015: Day #1 Trip Highlights

June 04, 2017

[October 2015]

This is my first out-of-town trip, non-work related, with my colleagues. I've already traveled with some of them but it was all for business trips. This is the first one wherein we went out as friends, not as officemates.

I know - this post is almost 2 years late. Everything's a blur now, but I will try to recollect all the things that happened during that trip.

Boat ride to Camiguin
It was my first time to do almost all the stuff that we did during this trip, including riding a ferry boat to Camiguin island. 

Hello, I was carrying a suitecase to an island! In retrospect, I realized that was really weird. So far, I haven't done that again. 😁

Mantigue Island - where everything has a fee 😐
I am not even kidding when I say everything

This sign says it all.
But of course, we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

The beach is beautiful, I must say, and snorkeling. The most memorable part of that activity was the strong current of the ocean, and how I, and most of my friends, were being quickly swept away from our boat. Good thing we were able to hold onto a rope. I had this movie-like scene wherein while I was holding onto the rope, I had to reach out to another friend who was getting caught by the current. Good thing I was able to reach out to her fingertips and I pulled her closer to the rope with all my might. Whew. I felt like a great heroine at that moment. 😎

Quick Dip at Katibawasan Falls
We also stopped by this falls along our route (we were riding a van).

Photo Op @ the Sunken Cemetery
We also did a quick stop at the Sunken Cemetery tourist spot. We spent a few moments just looking the ocean with the setting sun in the background.

There were also some interesting souvenirs on sale at that viewing spot.

More posts to come, as I collect the photos from the trip! 

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