Camiguin-CDO 2015 (#2): Accommodation & White Island

June 04, 2017

We stayed at Paras Beach Resort during our Camiguin trip. It was a relaxing place with nice amenities, plus the White Island is viewable from the coast.

Just a tip if you are planning to go to White Island: people flock there during the morning, so if you can, go there the earliest time possible in the morning so that you can enjoy the beauty of the island for yourselves. We learned this lesson the hard way - when we got there (around 8AM), the island was nowhere to be found - people were standing on every each inch of it! I thought I was looking at a scene in Divisoria for a second. There were lots of locals who set up tables selling snacks and drinks. They were also renting out huge umbrellas to tourists. 😐

Fast forward to the day we were going back to CDO, we went for lunch at this resto near the ferry terminal. There were some lanzones hanging at the windows of the resort's hut, and it was kinda amusing because we were free to pick and eat them!

Next post: our adventures at CDO (white water rafting!)

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