Drama Review: Goblin

August 12, 2017

I just finished watching this drama today (after binge watching it for at least 5 hours?! 😅)  and I must say I am blown away. Now I fully understand all the hype that this show brought to all kdrama fans out there (even converting new ones to the scene 😉).

 I know I hopped a bit too late on the Goblin train, but I realized I was lucky because despite that, I didn't see/read any spoiler about the drama. Every episode really got me hooked that I ended up just watching through each chapter the whole day.

Here are some of the aspects of Goblin that I really liked. I know you'd agree with most of them! 💗

The Story
I got curious about this drama when I learned about it's premise - a goblin, who is immortal, is searching for his bride, who is the key to ending his life. With just that information, I knew things would turn bittersweet for the lead characters. I was glad that that the story tackled about the mysteries of life, looking at the bigger picture of this journey of life that we all have. There were a lot of key elements in the drama that I found fascinating (the concept of deities, grim reapers, of past lives and reincarnation, of death, etc).

There was always something to look forward with each episode. Revelations did not get dragging before it finally happened/revealed leaving the viewers satisfied (at least I was). You know that each subplot was carefully planned. Kudos to the screenwriter Kim Eun-sook! I found myself crying on one episode, then laughing out loud with another episode. The flow of the story was never boring.

The Soundtrack
I am just in love with the soundtrack of this drama! It's as magical as the story of Goblin itself. Take a listen yourself via this Spotify playlist.

The Actors (specifically Gong Yoo 😆)
 On this drama, I appreciated how good an actor Gong Yoo is. Even during his Coffee Prince days, there's something about his smile that's makes me squeal. In this drama, I liked the bromance between him and Lee Dong Wook, who played as the grim reaper.

The goblin couple. I found this pairing a bit awkward at first because of their age difference.

This drama made me question a lot of things in this life. I wanted to believe that past lives and reincarnations are real. It would be nice if humans really had 4 lives. Also, I liked how the drama showed how destiny can still be changed because of someone's free will.

I'm now aborting my dream superpower of flying. Being able to teleport is so much fun. I just wish I would have some bills of that country's currency and also the knowledge to speak the language so I could do spontaneous out-of-town sight seeing and food trips!

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God is Korean drama series showed on tvN. 
No copyright infringement intended.

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