Seoul Trip 2016: Day 1 ~ Cheonggyecheon Stream

August 30, 2017

One of our friends was still not ready to go out that morning, so me and my other friend, Mel, just walked around our hostel area and went sight-seeing. It's perfect that our hostel is just near the Cheonggyecheon Stream, we decided to check it out!

The stream, located in downtown Seoul, stretches for ~8 kilometers within the city. There's a walkway on either side of the stream, and the place is just perfect for a nice morning walk. It was really relaxing to just walk here and listen to the sound of rushing water of the stream.

If you prefer a peaceful walking route over that busy scenery of the streets of Seoul, Cheonggyecheon Stream is perfect for you. Aside from the peaceful scenery, the place is really clean too. There are fish swimming in the stream! It's hard to imagine that I am actually in the midst of the city! This really goes to show how disciplined people in Seoul are. How I wish it's the same here in my country. 😓

Most of the people we saw walking here were the elderly (doing their morning brisk walking exercise) and some adults in office attire. If we had something like this near our home, I'd go here every morning to just walk and contemplate about life. 😝

After walking for several minutes here, we finally received a message from our friend, Rey, that he's finally ready to go out. YAY!

Our next stop - Everland!

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