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August 26, 2017

Wil Dasovich.

Not a very familiar name? He's a Filipino-American model and TV personality. You might have seen him in one Pinoy Big Brother season, but I know him mostly as a Youtuber. He publishes vlogs regularly on his channel.

Every time my Youtube app makes a notification, I always hope that it's a new video from Wil. Even though my eyes were so tired already, I'd always watch at least one of his videos every night because his videos always lift my mood.

I discovered him through my sister. I think the very first video I watched from him was his Batanes vlog. With his beautiful drone shots, I got interested on his content. For the weeks that followed, I binge-watched his other videos. I instantly got hooked.

It amazes me how creative he is in making content. It's very lively, engaging and very entertaining. I can just imagine the amount of effort needed to produce that kind of content. He's a one-man team: he shoots the videos and edits them also. And I've got to say, he just gets better and better with each video he publishes.

His outlook on life always got me inspired. Try doing something you've never done before everyday. This is like his motto. Well it's obvious that his living these words right, as his videos show he's always out there doing another kind of adventure. I also like how he always promotes his "balik alindog" (which roughly translates to getting that sexy body back 😆) program. He always makes sure he gets exercise everyday even if it's just a few minutes. He inserts some exercise time whenever and wherever possible (he even did yoga on a plane!). He's also very health-conscious - he prefers green tea over any other drinks out there. As he says, you'll never go wrong with green tea.

For the past few months, he had been talking about feeling pains in his stomach in his vlogs. The doctors can't give a clear diagnosis so he had to consult several of them. Later on he had to return to the US (where he originally lived before moving here in PH) to focus on learning more about his current ailment.

Just this week, he published this, which he described as his most important video ever.

As much as it was a heartbreaking video, it had a very inspiring message, It made me re-evaluate the priorities I have in life.

But I couldn't help but realize that life is really unfair. How can a very health-conscious person get the worst kind of disease? And he's only 25, he has his whole life ahead of him. But I guess I can't speak for him this way, as he said himself in the vlog that he regrets nothing on his life choices so far, that's why he have this huge courage for this ordeal that he's currently dealing.

Please, I pray to the Universe - please heal him. We need more people like him in this world - someone with such positive energy, someone who inspires a lot of people.

If you are reading up to this point, can you do me a favor? You may be curious of whom I've been rambling about in this post. Go check Wil's channel. If you think you like his posts, click Subscribe! I'd like to make his wish to get a million subscribers on his channel. This post is my way of showing my support for him.

Wil is a fighter, and I know he'll get through this. 💪😃


Wil Dasovich | Official Youtube Channel

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