Camiguin-CDO 2015 (#3): White-Water Rafting!

August 20, 2017

This is a continuation of my adventures in CDO with my teammates. Yup, you read it right, these all happened last 2015, and it's only 2 years later that I'm blogging about it. Life got in the way, but yeah, I'm still working on completing my travel blogs! Bear with me. 😅


After our adventures in Camiguin, we rode the ferry again to go back to Cagayan de Oro. We explored some places during the night finding a nice place to eat (and yes we were able to get some great food).

Our main activity for CDO is - what else but to do white-water rafting! This activity tops the to-do list of tourists here in this province. Of course we won't miss doing this, especially if you are with my colleagues (cause they are very adventurous and I just get dragged with them haha).

I was of course excited to try rafting, but I was scared. The reason - I still didn't know how to swim back then. Should I already had swimming lessons by that time, I guess my confidence level would be higher. Good thing, friends were there to help me (or I guess most of them haha). We were able to survive the rafting adventure with huge smiles and rushes of adrenaline high!

Check out our photos below!

These all happened two years ago, but there's one anecdote from this activity that really stuck to me. This was my first exposure to open water in years. I don't go to beaches that much, even to swimming pools. This activity was really waaaaaay out of my comfort zone. When our guides told us we can go into the water in one part of the rafting, my stomach did a huge backflip. I didn't want to go in. But meh, all of my colleagues were already in the water so I had no choice. When I jumped in, I panicked because my feet didn't reach anything beneath. Even with a life jacket, I couldn't properly float. I can't control my body. After a few minutes, I slowly got the hang of it - I was able to control where my body would face or if I wanted to be floating face first or to flip over (thanks to my colleagues' moral support 😆). I still had difficulties staying vertical in the water so I was really stressed because the water was moving and I had to fight the current.

Looking back now, I would like to say a huge thank you to my past self for overcoming my fears. Well hello, fast forward to now, I could snorkel without a life jacket! I am more confident in the waters, and taking lessons really helped. I still can't do treading, and that's the next step on my swimming lessons journey.

These are fun fun memories to look back to. 😄


And this post completes my Camiguin-CDO travel log! 😊

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