Butterfly Taylor Swift: The New Era Begins

March 16, 2019

Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Awards 2019 (📷: Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images)

Can i just say how fascinated I am with the pink hair Taylor has sported at the iHeart Awards? For the past few weeks, a lot of online buzz surrounded Taylor as she changed filters and moods on her photos on Instagram and I just couldn't agree enough with the fans that indeed this is the start of a new music era. Here's a rundown of those notable events post-reputation age.

First Post: Bafta Awards Outfit
The first among the series of the new set of photos is of Taylor at the Bafta Awards where she came to support her lover's movie The Favourite (which won several awards by the way!). After that, she posted several other photos with the same gradient and filters as with the first one. And thus it was the start of...

Countdown Theories for New Music
It's really entertaining to read on reddit/r/TaylorSwift during those days, and this just proves that fans overthink and overcalculate every little move Taylor makes online. There were countless versions of analysis for each photo posted - from the number of  holes to the staircase steps - it's very obvious that fans are hungry for new music material from our queen. Well they were not entirely wrong, something indeed was brewing. And within the next few days, we saw what all the online tease was about.

The Elle Magazine Feature
I have never been prouder that I share the same age with Taylor. On her 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30, I had to blink several times because I was entirely sure I was reading about myself. This is one of Taylor Swift's greatest charms. Even though she's a superstar and all that, she's also just your average 20 something gal, slowly gliding through this life. It amazes me that Taylor is comfortable to be vulnerable with all her emotions, might it be through song lyrics, poems, or articles like this. She definitely has the skill set to be a phenomenal self-help book author, and I hope she does, and I hope she would. I would definitely buy her books in a heartbeat.

iHeart Awards 🦋
This is the stage wherein I felt absolutely sure that we are now seeing the new Taylor Swift era. Taylor has been known to use emojis to convey clues for her fans (🎅 for the 2014 Swiftmas giftgiving to the 🐍 which cleverly became the icon of the reputation era). On her last few posts as of this date, Taylor has been writing butterfly icons on the caption! And I think it's the perfect choice. This is the stage of Taylor's life wherein she finally moves on from the dark reputation era, finally showing colorful wings after the long period of staying inside a cocoon, focusing on the more beautiful and bright aspects of her life (oh hello there Joe). I love everything about her outfit at the awards night - her makeup, her hair, her outfit, and her shoes (those butterfly wings!). She's all eye smiles and looks radiant, truly a testament that she's doing better than she ever was.

I am very excited on what this era has in store for all of Taylor's fans! I cannot wait to hear the tracks to be included in the TS7 album. I guess I'll have to add another item on my life goals - watch Taylor Swift live in concert, or just see her in person in general. I don't know how that's possible to happen, but who knows, just like what she said on her acceptance speech at the iHeartRadio awards: life is very unpredictable. With that I say: see you soon Taylor! 🦋

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