Seoul Trip 2016: Day 3 ~ Insadong Night Market

March 03, 2019

Yup, this trip is already 3 years ago, and I am still catching up with the travel posts! I still have a number of these on my drafts folder and my goal is to publish them all this quarter (or this year 😅)

As the night enveloped Seoul City, we checked our itinerary on where to go next. After our quick tour at Samcheongdong Road & Bukchon Hanok Village, our group decided to split up. Rey decided to go to Changdeokgung (because it's a different experience to go there at night!). Mel and I on the other hand went for a stroll in Insadong. I was interested to go because I read that there were plenty of night markets there.

This is still not Insadong, just in the subway station and it took my attention. So crafty!
With no particular destination, we just strolled down to where our feet brought us. Of course I didn't miss capturing photos of the markets and stalls! Seeing the novelty shops, I felt like I was in Divisoria! This is where I bought most of my pasalubong for the folks back home.

Lots of curious art stores around the area.

Happy kid at Insadong. 😁
There were only a few people there strolling the night (of which later on we'll know why 😅). We saw various cafes and novelty shops around.

We walked for a few bit and arrived at this establishment named Maru (마루). There were a lot of things to look in this place so this is where we spent most of our time sight-seeing and window shopping.

Each floor of the mall had a series of crafty stores! I super enjoyed window shopping! 

This is where I bought the dream catcher that I gave to my sister. I really liked this place - even the vandals were so artful! If only I had more time, I would stay longer to check out all kinds of cute stuff at each store. But well time was running fast (and it's getting late already) so we decided to call it a day.

While we were walking on the road towards the subway, we finally learned why there were only a few people around. We heard chants at the horizon slowly getting louder and louder with every second. When we looked behind, there was a line of protesters going towards the same direction as we were! We hurriedly retreated and paced towards the end of the road. Upon reaching the main road, we saw this - hundreds of policemen were on standby. Looks like they knew the protesters were arriving tonight.

Panic-stricken and laughing at the same time, we ran towards the subway. We never knew what everything was about, but thankfully we arrived at our hostel unscathed.

That's one memory that not everyone will experience in Seoul. 😂

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