Goodbyes... Again

March 16, 2019

Tonight, I said farewell to one of the greatest people that I have met in the workplace. We all had seen this coming (uhm for the last two years?😅) and finally all the preparations have been completed and it's time now for her to embark to a whole new journey of her life. Surprisingly, the goodbyes were not that emotional (compared to that with my other friend who left also several months ago). Maybe this is because I knew I would always have the chance to see her again next time she drops by the office so it's really not that goodbye tonight.

I might have not told this to her personally, but I think she already knows it anyway - she helped me to get to where I am at now. Informally, she became my mentor. We would talk about personal stuff (things that I would never have the comfort to talk with other people) and would advise me on the career track that I really wanted to pursue. During my lowest times, she told me the right thing to do. What's unique about her is that she tells things straight to the point. She doesn't sugarcoat and that's what is really likeable about her. During the past, I shamelessly cried to her because I felt ignored during that one time in the workplace, and unabashedly, she told me what I should have done. When I felt confused and lost about life in general, I vulnerably approached her and asked if I could come with her when she visits the temple (she's Buddhist) to ask some decisions and worries that have been bothering me for so long. She's a very logic-minded person, that's why we tell her it would be hard for her to fall in love with someone. 

I might have not become friends with her (cause I find her a bit intimidating back then hehe) but our common love for KPOP made that easy as our fangirling obsessions bonded us together. I could still remember that time I saw her Super Junior calendar on her desk table. Nonchalantly, I told her that hey those boys look familiar (although I know deep inside that of course I know them, they're SuJu, duh!). Her reaction caught me off guard, but in a positive way. I guess I wasn't really expecting to find a fellow KPOP fan at the office (because my experience is that people were very professional with each other and I thought they would find KPOP as a not-so-mature interest). With a very passionate voice (a.k.a loud lol) and animated gestures, she told me for the next several minutes how she loves KPOP and that she's crazy about Suju, how she went to their concerts several times, and also enumerated the other boy groups she follows, and how she was able to catch a stuff toy thrown by a 2PM member during a concert, her stories to name a few. I have never seen a KPOP fangirl as dedicated and emotionally invested as her. Fast forward to the next few years, I saw her go to concerts (always on the prime seats!). She even went abroad overnight just to see a show by her favorite idol group, and she has done this several times now. She was actually the one who inspired me to go on a solo travel. I wanted to become as street-smart as her, and I thought doing that would train my skills to become more independent and practical in life.

She is a fellow TVXQ fan. I would never forget that time she actually asked me if I wanted to also watch a JYJ concert she will be seeing in Hong Kong. Well as much as I wanted to during that time, I just couldn't (I don't have the luxury huhu). But as consolation, I was so happy she borrowed my camera so she could shoot the concert. I might have not seen 3/5 of my favorite idol group of all time, but my camera lens did. That's good enough for me.

I think this post can just go on and on if I would retell all the adventures and learnings I got from her. I know in the future I won't be able to interact with her the same way as I had so far, and it makes me kinda sad actually. 

Hey Darce. Good luck on your new venture. We're eager to hear stories from your new experiences there. Aside from career (of which you've been doing excellently already), we hope you find happiness there. ❤


Aside from her, some bunch of colleagues would also be leaving within the next month - a very strong-willed lady, who knows what she wants and gets it no matter what, and another great gal, who is very passionate on what she does, always going beyond of what is expected from her. These power ladies sure taught me countless lessons from our interactions with each other and they shaped me to become what I am today. With that, I am forever grateful.

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