Potted Potter: 7 Books in 70 Minutes (A Parody)

March 23, 2019

I have been hearing a lot of things about the Potted Potter show for years now, but I was only mildly interested to see the show back then (uh the more honest reason I guess was because I didn't have the budget to see show 😅). When I heard that the production will be coming back to Manila to hold a week-long show, I obliged myself to finally see what the craze was all about.

It was the perfect timing actually. I was still in a "Harry Potter high" after reading the seven books again and listening to the Binge Mode Harry Potter podcast. The recent showing of Crimes of Grindelwald helped too. I was hungry for any HP content. When Potted Potter came along, I just couldn't resist it. I knew it was time to see the show.

This is the only photo I took during the show... and it turned out blurry. :(

The play was held at the Maybank Performing Arts Theater in BGC, a venue I haven't visited before. This was another plus, because I super like discovering new places. The seat I purchased was at the middle of first row level 2 (I know I know, I wasn't able to participate in the Quidditch game ☹️). I was very delighted to see that the stage was very near. The theater was small, around 500 seats in total in my estimate. I think I got so used to going to concerts wherein the stage is really far. This new experience of watching plays and musicals is such a treat for me. ☺️

The audience of this show was mostly family with kids. I actually saw several foreigners (I think they were British!) with their kids sporting HP merch. There was even this one guy who was wearing a Sorting Hat and a Gryffindor scarf. A few minutes before show time, I noticed this guy reading book 7 on a chair on stage. At first I thought he was just some crew of the show. But then I thought - why would he sit on that location? I wondered if he was one of the (two) actors. Another lively person was going row by row shaking hands with the people near the stage. I thought again - maybe he's just a fellow fan excited to meet everyone who was also watching the show with him? But then a minute before the show, I heard him say "I gotta go, the show's about to start" to the last person he shook hands with and started running back to the stage.

Just take note that this is a parody, so don't get that offended when they say being sorted to Hufflepuff house means you are weak, or that Dumbledore is a loser because he's the greatest wizard in the world but he ended up in the teaching career (they got surprised with the audience' reaction on that one ).

The lights then transformed and a few seconds later, we heard a voice overhead announcing the start of the show. From that moment, I knew I'm in for a hilarious ride. In the show that I saw, the performers were James Percy, who played Harry Potter, and Delme Thomas, who played everyone else. Yes, Delme played the rest of the Harry Potter characters! I never thought it was possible, but he did pull it off! He's such a great actor and I was laughing all the time! These two actors were so playful and lively on the stage. I could just tell that they made a lot of impromptu lines depending on how the audience responded. They were really enjoying themselves and laughing with each other. I really got to like them through this show.

The energy of the audience was fantastic as well. I mean who wouldn't? With a show as entertaining as this, you can't help but laugh with everything that was happening. There were a lot of kids behind us and it was such a glee hearing them cry with laughter.

I think I was still smiling when I left the theater, and I can just feel that the overall atmosphere of the crowd was still lively. I'm so happy I got to see the show at last! If you are a Potterhead, you will very much enjoy the show. Actually even if you know nothing about the story, you would still relate to the humor of the actors! This is a must-see for everyone! So if you have time, catch them while they're here in Manila. :)

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