KDrama Review: The King: Eternal Monarch (Episode 6 - First & Second Rewatch Insights)

May 09, 2020

In this episode, we see more of Jung Tae-eul's stay in Corea. I find Gon Lee really cute and adorable here as he takes steps in taking care of his girl. 😘 

First-Watch Review:
Gon Lee cooks her dinner. That must have been the best-tasting dish ever because it was made out of love 😊. Gon Lee finally shows Jung Tae-eul her ID that he was holding on to since he was a child. Then, Gon Lee had to leave her side for a while to attend to a national emergency as ships from Japan approach the territorial waters of Corea. I liked the scenes that followed because this is my dream for my country -- for our government to be able to stand tall and defend our territory from invaders. I just wonder how Japan is taking this narrative. Although this is just a work of fiction, we know that Japan and South Korea have their history. I'm just wondering if Japan will be sensitive that this drama is portraying their country in this way. In a lighter note, I have to say it's such a treat to see these handsome men in uniform. 🥰 Meanwhile, Jung Tae-eul returns to her world and goes on with her daily life after making a promise with Gon Lee that she would wait for him.

Things became more interesting to me when Jung Tae-eul's newly printed ID goes missing from Lady Noh Ok-Nam's care. Someone really messed up with Time. When Gon Lee learns of this, he comes to understand the bigger picture. These things are meant to happen. Other interesting tidbits for me are those news voicemails that Jung Tae-eul are investigating, and the additional information about the autopsy of the alleged corpse of Lee Lim. Gon Lee now realizes that his uncle is still alive and is out there to get the other half of the flute.

Episode Rating: ★★★
I must say, the plot is becoming more and more interesting. The lovebirds' eventual reunion in the end is just the sweet cherry on top. 

Second-Watch Review:
  • I really found PM Koo's laughter very awkward and unnatural. 😶
  • JTE said, "It's frustrating not to have something to prove my identity", another reiteration of the importance of identity in this series.
  • I think in this episode I realized that both LG and JTE acknowledge the fact that LG's savior is not JTE. This person only had JTE's ID for heaven knows what reason and for what circumstance. I initially included JTE as a suspect but I guess even from the start, she was never established as a possibility.
  • JTE had a "Back to the Future" phonecase, which is a very in-your-face easter egg about the story's overall plot.
  • On episode 1, JY said to the newbie staff that the king doesn't like being touched, especially around the neck area. But here we have a scene wherein Lady Noh is helping the king dress up and she buttons up his military suit up to the last one at the top. This just shows how comfortable LG is with court Lady Noh.
  • Watching that entrapment scene is still a thrill, even for the second time.
  • So I have connected the dots -- that general in the ship is the same one in the funeral.
  • Upon meeting LG again, JTE said it has been a while since he contacted her. I wonder how long that time gap was.
  • JTE plants the "imaginary flower" on the pot (what's with the name?). 
  • When LG checked his phone, he was sad because he didn't see anything that JTE left behind -- she just really used it to search the internet. Maybe this is why LG left search keywords for JTE in his phone later on (which JY shows her).
  • What was Lady Noh doing in LG's room... just fixing his bed? Why do I have this feeling Lady Noh knows more than meets the eye?
  • So, it was Lady Noh who hid the flute in the whip. She also held onto JTE's ID for the king.
  • I just noticed that the clock in the drama's logo is moving counter-clockwise, meaning going back in time. Is this an easter egg for things to come? With this drama, you'll really never know which one is a sly easter egg or just a random element placed in a scene. 🕵️‍♀️

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